Tough to enter a new year with so many problems that don't have answers - it is going to take more than 'hope for the best' to get through this one

By Pepper Parr

January 1st, 2023


365 pages – each one having the potential to bring new problems. Maybe February 14th will be a good day


Does anyone ave any idea what we are going to have to face in 2023?

Will we still have the pandemic to deal with?  The million plus new infections each day being experienced in China do not auger well.

No one has any idea what climate change is going to deliver – other than that there will be catastrophes – we hope they don;t happen here.

Where will the economy take us?  Will the Bank of Canada eventually learn when to increase its prime rates and when to lower them.

Will stress testing for mortgage renewals hit hundreds – thousands of homes in Burlington?

A stiff local tax rate is already evident.

Is the public going to find a way to rein in some of the decisions Premier Doug Ford is making.

Will students finally get a year when school is normal and the graduating class can celebrate in June?

We have to look hard for the good news.  some will prosper but many many more will not.

And the number of people relying on the food banks will not be less at this time next year.

The Best we are going to be able to do is be Thankful for what we have.


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