Transit is about to lose the best Director they ever had

By Pepper Parr

March 2nd, 2022



Director of Transit – Sue Connor – plans to retire – no date set yet.

She was the best Director of Transit the city ever had.

She was one of the best transit people in the province.

For a short period of time she took on one of the Executive Director roles for someone who wanted to spend less time at city hall.

Sue Connor decided to retire and has advised the city manager that her time has come

It is going to be a challenge to replace her.  She ran a good shop; staff loved her and she supported them consistently.

There was a city staffer who worked at city hall; smart guy but not all that happy with the job and the environment.

He got himself a transfer to transit.  A number of months later I bumped into him – huge smile on his face – clearly enjoying the new position.

Sue Connor was very good in public settings – she explained what was likely to happen – people trusted her.

I mention this to Sue – didn’t want to identify the person but after explaining what the man was doing Sue Connor smiled and said.  I know who you are talking about – yes he is happy at transit and I’m glad he is with us.

Sue Connor knew her people and her people knew her.  She showed the city that transit could be made to be effective and a good choice for getting around town.

She understood as well the challenge in moving from diesel to electricity – she just won’t be here to make it happen.

Our loss

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5 comments to Transit is about to lose the best Director they ever had

  • Maureen Holloway

    Welcome to retirement you are going to love it. Sue was instrumental in putting Brampton Transit on the map!

  • Dave Mills

    Hi Sue .. congratulations on retirement !!
    Miss you at Brampton Transit

  • Jason/Gayle Capp

    My wife and I worked for Brampton Transit for 22 years and got to know Sue extremely well not only through our transit operator’s position but as a shop steward/board member and recording secretary for ATU Local 1573. We all worked together through general meetings, disciplinary meetings, contract negotiations social events all in the name of benefiting Everyone. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Her move to Burlington was sad for Brampton but an obvious bonus to Burlington. Our congratulations to Sue on an Amazing career in Transit and our Best Wishes to a Safe, Healthy retirement.

  • Cathy Lanc

    I agree ! Sue was genuinely interested and caring about improving our transit system. As a regular user, I spoke with her about different situations- both positive and “needs improvement”.
    She was always accessible and respectful of my opinions.

  • Penny Hersh

    Burlington Senior Community had the privilege of working with Sue Connor. She was a no nonsense person, who provided us with valuable information on how to move forward with our incentives.

    Sue was a breath of fresh air. She will definitely be missed.