Trudeau made it pretty clear: he isn't going to be taking a walk in the snow anytime soon.

By Pepper Parr

December 20th, 2023



There is a lot of chatter about who the next leader of the Federal Liberal Party should be.

There are polls suggesting that Mark Carney and Chrystia Freeland have good numbers from a recent reliable poll.

But Justin Trudeau made it clear that he has another election in him

Justin Trudeau & Terry DiMonte’s held their Annual Holiday Chat.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Terry DiMonte’s, a retired broadcaster, held their Annual Holiday Chat.  It runs for about an hour – worth the time to see where the PM is coming from and his views on the job he has been doing.

It wasn’t a hard hitting interview; it was a conversation between two men who have known each other for years.  It wasn’t a puff piece either.

Click HERE

Worth the time.

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4 comments to Trudeau made it pretty clear: he isn’t going to be taking a walk in the snow anytime soon.

  • Stephen White

    Truthfully, it won’t be Justin who determines when he will be leaving. It will likely be the corporate bagmen on Bay Street who control the Liberal Party coffers who will ultimately decide his fate.

    The cute and cosy relationship that has existed for decades in this country between big business, the upper echelons of the federal public service, and the Liberal Party of Canada, is not an accident. All those former Liberal Party politicians and donors who now sit on the Board of Directors of major banks and financial institutions will be the ones calling the shots. If the Liberals fall much further in the public opinion polls then the Frank McKennas and the George Copes of the business world will be sounding a clarion call for Mark Carney to come and rescue them riding in on his white steed.

  • David

    Unless some other wedge issue falls into his lap Trudeau has only got one card left to play, UBI (Universal Basic Income) any personal savings any home equity any income earned any pensionable income will be diluted by taxes to pay for this. The question is, do you trust him enough not to do it?

  • Joe Gaetan

    Just like cheese and milk, all politicians have a best before date. The Liberal party, may over the long run, be the beneficiary of Mr. Trudeau’s walk in the snow. But right now, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau is the best the Liberal party, but not the country has, going into the next election cycle. Even if he is curdling.
    As to Mark Carney, only if he is not the reincarnation of Michael Ignatieff and I think Chrystia Freeland peaked a while ago. As to when the next election will be called. Prime Minister Trudeau will call it as soon as the financial fortunes of our country seem to be turning around and not a moment sooner.

  • Perryb

    Like Wynne before him he will take the party down with him