Two incumbents have reason to begin looking over their shoulders.

By Pepper Parr

September 27th, 2022



For those running for public office for the first time name recognition is everything.

Email, lawn signs, brochures – whatever you can think if – find a way to pay for it and use it.

Ward 3 candidate Jennifer Hounslow went for the bright lights and chose a digital sign in a very high traffic area

Ward 3 Candidate Jennifer Hounslow came up with a great idea – rent some of the space on a bright digital sign on Brant Street just north of where the 403 gets you to Hamilton. It’s a great intersection.

Keith Demoe, candidate for the ward 2 Council seat decided he would create a sign that was more portable and had a 36 x 40 inch sign made up that he put in his car and hauls out wherever he see decent traffic.

Ward 2 candidate Keith Demoe wanted something big and portable to get his name out.

Keith Demoe want to take the seat Lisa Kearns hold and Jennifer Hounslow is after the council seat Rory Nisan seldom uses these days. He chooses to attend council meetings virtually from the comfort of his home.

Both incumbents Nisan and Kearns want to begin looking over their shoulders.

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6 comments to Two incumbents have reason to begin looking over their shoulders.

  • Alfred

    Hans Jacobs.

    Since you didn’t mention that you were at this meeting. May I perhaps incorrectly assume you were not there. Therefore how can you refer to Councilor Kerns releasing of confidential information to a small number of people with interests in the downtown area as inadvertent, unfortunate, unintentional, regrettable? My friend if you were not even there how do you know it wasn’t done intentionally? If this was the case. That would be one hell of a character flaw that Lisa Kerns has. Would you not agree?

  • Nik Z

    Hey Editor, pretty passive aggressive and biased response, unless you want to impose your opinion on the rest of us!

  • Alfred

    How are you my friend? In fairness I agree with you that Demoe and O’Brien are a little short on solutions and specifics. So I advise them to come up with something soon. On the other hand, What has the conciencious, diligent, forceful councilor Lisa Kerns achieved in the past 4 years that benefit the citizens of Burlington? We were always considered to be the Best Mid Sized City in Canada. Not anymore!

    Please be as specific as you asked Demoe and O’Brien to be. It should be a very short list. Giving away secrets to a small select group of downtown business people for which she is a director is a big problem. Whether it was inadvertant or deliberate, maybe Mr Demoe and O’Brien can elaborate a little more. They were there I wasn’t.

    I wonder when the minutes of the BDBA are ratified if this illegal disclosure by Lisa Kerns would have been disclosed or swept under the rug. Please gentlemen elaborate she’s on the ropes.

    If you could explain the logic or lack there of, having 50 cases at the OLT. That the City will not even put an effort to fight. Probably resulting in losing most if not all and costing the taxpayers millions makes any sense?

    Your thoughts on how many the City will win?
    May I suggest they will lose nearly all or very close to all. A friendly wager of a coffee or tea sounds like fun.

    A quick correction: The City plans on fighting the Waterfront project to the tune of $500 thousand of the taxpayers dollars. How do I know? Ask Lisa Kerns. Lisa told secrets.

  • Hans Jacobs

    Re: “Lisa’s “inadvertent” – what do you want to call it?” ….. I would call it a mistake. We all make them. It was unfortunate, unintentional, and regrettable and can’t be undone but it’s not a character flaw is it?

    Editor’s note: I’m not the one to describe the behaviour as a character flaw. But what business did the Councillor have talking about a development at a meeting of the BDBA? It wasn’t on the agenda. A candidate that I will not name said to me there was a solution to the Councillor’s behaviour. Duct tape

  • David Barker

    When Demoe and O’Brien enunciated what actions they propose to take to achieve their policy aims then people will take them seriously. To say “I’m going to control development” or “I’m going to improve public transit” is easy to say. But how will you achieve that, particularly as just one vote of seven on council. Lot’s of hollow promises. Lisa Kearns has been a conciencious, diligent, forceful councilor. Neither Demoe nor O’Brien have answered questions put to them here in this forum. Probably because they have no real answers.

    Editor’s note: Barker appears to have missed his lunch and is still cranky. Read the web sites. And don’t forget to mention Lisa’s “inadvertent” – what do you want to call it?

    • David Barker

      Note on Editor’s note.

      I’ll not respond to the rudeness. But I will say I have reviewed both candidates’ websites, thank you Editor. Maybe closer than you have.

      I do not see an action plan in either. Both identify the very well known and issues. But neither says what actions they propose to take to address each issue. Perhaps Editor you could point out tge specific actions identified by both candidates.

      O’Brien says for example he will control downtown development. Easy to say. But to do it we know is likely impossible. Neither says how he anticipates being able to implement any as yet unidentified action plan he might have when only holding one of seven votes on council.


      Tom O’Brien’s website. “I have done, am doing and will do everything I can to curtail the out-of-control intensification of the downtown core. Yes, it could mean making some hard decisions at City Hall.”

      bla, bla, bla. What hard decisions? How will he succeed where the present 7 councilors have not been able?

      BTW lunch was lovely, thanks.