Update on the offer to sell Fairview Development - Councillor reports just a portion of the land is on offer

By Pepper Parr

June 16th, 2022



Earlier in the day we reported that the Holland Park development was up for sale.

This is the development with seven towers and no height restrictions.

Because the development proposal met all the zoning and Official Plan rules there was no nee for them to make an application development.

The first time the city would get a chance to say anything would be at Site Plan approval – for which there is no set date.

We asked the ward Councillor Lisa Kearns for a comment.  She said:

“It is quite routine in situations such as this for the advertised sale of the condominium portion of the site only. We know that the partnership with CLV, in the Fairview Limited Partnership (Brookfield Properties, InterRent REIT, and CLV Group) specialize in multi-family residential rental buildings, not condominiums.  As such, by offering the condominium portion of the site for sale, the group will bring the right ownership to the development.

“CLV’s commitment is to provide and operate the 4 residential rental towers on the site as planned to help increase the rental inventory in the City.  CLV Group has been working with the City to obtain the appropriate approvals and permits to construct the first phase consisting of two mixed use towers with 774 residential rental units.

“This is a customary process and as Councillor, I have expressed to the group that it is important to select a condominium partner that respects our community and its future residents.”

There is no mention of CLV and the operation of the rental units.

No word on shovels in the ground.

Much more to be worked out on this site.  Making space for a fire station would be one thing to be included.

The plan is for a phased development with the rental units going in first – closer to the rail line and the condo units at a later date.


In a virtual presentation the public got to see what appeared to be a very sophisticated development with all the signs of a big urban development back by investment from major real estate players.

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5 comments to Update on the offer to sell Fairview Development – Councillor reports just a portion of the land is on offer

  • Mary Hill.

    Well, Mr Gamble will you be back here reporting the numbers when they get to pre-pandemic levels or are you of the belief, or maybe you have future knowledge that ridership will never recover?

    Etts, are you intimately involved in this project and so know the projected rental rates, or is it just your conjecture based upon absolutely no factual information?

    Why do so many here pre-judge, and do so from positions of complete lack of knowledge

    • Ted Gamble


      Lack of knowledge? Prejudge? LOL

      35% is as reported by Metrolinx. I would not speculate as to when rider ship returns to
      pre pandemic levels. Question. Do we want them to?

      Small businesses have been crushed in Toronto and with out of control inflation and rising interest rates this will not change any time soon. Major employers like the banks have permanently reduced their foot print.

      In a recent survey 20% of employees have said they will not return to site office work. I recently quit work largely for this reason.

      70% of the proposed 3,000 accommodation units on Oval Court at Appleby line are less than 600 SF in area. Just who will this development accommodate, families? I suspect the mega development for Fairview will be similar, maybe 10,000 units?

      Should we presume they will all own cars. They will likely be gas operated as no building codes mandate EV chargers. It is not like we have any grid lock now?

      Has any urban planning been undertaken or planned to:

      -assess the impact to the roads.
      -where any of us will access scarce health resources in the collapsing medical system?
      -where will they work and play?

      I suggest that Burlington follow Hamilton’s lead in fighting to allow development of duplexes, triplexes, low rise apartment buildings in single family residential areas rather than permitting these gigantic ant hills, so called mobility hubs.

      Finally maybe one of these buildings should be a shelter (Toronto has converted several hotels) with a safe injection site and while we desperately need a few more weed shops.

      • Mary Hill

        All very good and very nice ideas, Ted. You miss the biggest obstacle to what you and I want. I agree development focused on family rental units should be a priority. But the development applications are for privately owned lands. The developers/owners of the lands seek to maximize their return on their investment, just like you and i serk to maximize returns on our investments. Rental units do not provide the greatest return.

        If you, we want a supply of good rental housing that meets the needs of different demographics then the City must initiate the accumulation of its own owned housing stock. The City must work with the Province to financw a program to acquire land, construct the housing, manage the housing on an on-going basis.in a manner similar to the Toronto Housing Corporation. We must stop having this insane thought that private profit driven developers will be the answer or have any responsibility to provide the answer.

        What you and i seek is in affect social housing. That is a government not a private sector responsibility

  • Etts

    And I bet not one “rental unit” will be affordable for the many, many ‘already’ Burlington Residents looking for rental housing. They will be priced for the Toronto ‘professionals’ looking for cheaper than TO rental prices who can take GO Transit to work.

  • Ted Gamble

    Can someone explain why there would be no height restrictions on this proposed massive development?
    BTW as of April 22 according to Metrolinx GO ridership is 35% of pre pandemic levels.