Victim of a terrible accident was a Burlington restauranteur

By Pepper Parr

June 20th, 2022



The news report was pretty blunt:

Two people are dead, one person in critical condition. 10:30pm EB #QEW/Cawthra Rd. Two vehicle collision, three  people involved, both vehicles blocking the left lane. Moments later a third vehicle collided into stopped vehicles. Driver of third vehicle minor injuries.

The photograph Is mind jarring; people don’t survive accidents like this.

We shake our heads and the news cycle brings something else to us.

Then we got the following;

Sorry to let you know that Rama Pirakala, a young entrepreneur and a co-owner of a restaurant in Burlington (Charminar. has passed away in a tragic accident on the QEW in Mississauga.

He started that restaurant recently. He is the sole breadwinner of the family and is survived by his wife and two young kids, 10 year old boy and 4 years old daughter.

Friends of his have started a fundraiser to support his family.

Here are the details of the accident on CP24:

Can you please publish this in your newspaper and support a halton resident and a member of the business community?

For details, please contact Satish Kalla at 647 523 4477.



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1 comment to Victim of a terrible accident was a Burlington restauranteur

  • Mary Hill

    A very sad outcome. But lessons to be learnt !

    Police say if you are in a live lane and cannot move to the right shoulder stay in your car. If you can get yourself in your car to the right shoulder do it. Then if you get out of the vehicle stay as far away from traffic as possible.

    The third driver was it would seem not paying attention. It seems the most at fault driver always gets away with the least amount of injuries. Don’t drive distracted, pay attention to the road ahead.