Virus experts are urging Health Official to bring back masking requirements

By Staff

November 8th, 2022



This should come as no surprise.

Back to masking – new virus strains are infecting children

Toronto’s top doctor has been told by a local health board to “urgently explore” reissuing mask mandates, starting with local schools.

Rising COVID19 levels and increases in cases of influenza and respiratory syntactical virus

A respected health expert and assistant professor of the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health   said “we really need a renewed sense of urgency,”

The public has been lulled into a false sense that the pandemic is over and it is only those in long term care facilities that are being infected.

This is far from over

Health officials urge residents to wear masks in crowded indoor spaces, including schools, to reduce viral spread and take pressure off pediatric units.

Toronto, along with other jurisdictions across Ontario, dropped mask mandates last March. The health board was told Tuesday that residents are now advised to mask in indoor spaces, especially crowded ones, if they feel “comfortable doing so.”

500 + people in a small space – few if any reports of a Covid spread. The Mayor was infected but that was believed be prior to this event


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2 comments to Virus experts are urging Health Official to bring back masking requirements

  • Mr Bean

    Name the stated expert and where is the data to show masking needs to be implemented. You’re better than this Burlington Gazette.

  • Carol Victor

    I just got Covid as a result of a family member playing bridge in an organized club.. Believe me it is not fun to get Covid….my head feels like it is in a vise, I’m coughing have a runny nose and sweating non stop.
    We need to take precautions to revert the spread of the pandemc…it s far from over