Walking is good for you - lower back pain isn't - are the two connected?

By William Matt 

October 12th, 2023



Could this be the result of how you handle dips in the level of a sidewalk?

Do you have a sore lower back?  Do you often walk your dog or child in your neighbourhood?  There is a hidden back-killer that often hits a little harder on your lower left back muscles.  I walk my dog many kilometres each day and I began to notice that my back only hurt after dog walks but not after being on my feet at work for hours walking around.  The culprit, uneven surfaces on the sidewalk to accommodate driveways.

That dip in the sidewalk was the source of my lower back pain – it might be something to think about when you are walking the dog.

Sidewalks at driveways have had the curb lowered.  This combined with the fact you want to keep your dog (or young child) on the inside, further away from the road.  This leaves your position at the curb going up and down every driveway you pass.  Walking on an uneven surface isn’t good for you, so you need to adapt where you pick to walk.

Pick your line.  Making sure you walk on the continual flat part of the sidewalk instead of up downs that will eventually affect your back.  You can often see where the driveway begins its pitch down, so stay to the inside of that line.  

Keep your child or dog ahead of you instead of beside you and your back will thank you.  Since adopting this new walking method, my slight pain in the muscles in my back have been feeling much better.


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