Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith issues a statement on his Conflict problems.

By Staff

October 19th, 2022



Kelvin Galbraith provided the following Statement to the Gazette

I would like to clear up some misinformation that has been written about me with regards to my conflicts of interest and the ability for me to be an effective councillor for Ward 1 here in Burlington.

In the Gazettes first article (Oct. 18) which stated that I said “ I was never in a conflict of interest situation” is a completely false statement.  I have declared conflicts several times during the course of my term on development applications that were in close proximity to my personal residence and my business on Plains Road.  I had stated when elected in 2018, that I would seek the advice of the integrity commissioner whenever an application or issue arose that affected my personal or business properties and I took an oath of office to confirm this.  I have stayed by my word and sought the advice of the integrity commissioner several times and publicly declared conflicts of interest whenever those items were listed on the agenda for decisions.

Kelvin Galbraith meeting with constituents shortly after being elected in 2018

To date, the only items that have required me to declare conflicts were:

1085 Clearview/Masonary Court – proximity to my house within 50 Meters

This development is 50 metres from a commercial property Galbraith owns on Plains Road  It is one of 16 development applications in the ward at various stages of approval.

1029-1033 Waterdown road – within 50 Meters of my business property

On March 3/22, staff advised of the follow dates regarding project milestones for MTSA work( which has subsequently changed )

As promised, here are a list of the key dates of the MTSA Area Specific Planning Project for your information:

  • April 14th – release of Area Specific Plans (ASPs) and draft OPAs publicly
  • April 28th – Aldershot GO MTSA PIC/Open House
  • May 10th – Statutory Public Meeting for the Area Specific Plans and draft OPAs
  • June 7th – Adoption of OPAs
  • June-December – Implementation Stage
    • There will be a series of meetings/approval points with respect to:
      • Zoning By-law Amendments
      • Urban Design Guidelines
      • Inclusionary Zoning
      • Other implementation measures as needed

The Advice memorandum that was prepared by the Integrity Commissioner on March 8/22, was initiated by myself due to upcoming agenda items for 1. 1029-1033 Waterdown Road on April 5th,22 and 2. The above schedule of MTSA key dates including the Statutory Public Meeting on May 10/22 where a decision point from council would be required.

Since being elected in 2018 I had been prepared to seek the advice of the integrity commissioner on any MTSA discussions but the project had been put on hold from 2018 to late 2021, due to work on the “Taking a Closer Look at the Downtown” project.  Previous MTSA discussions were general in nature and did not require me to declare a conflict as per the advice I received.  As stated in the advice memorandum, now that the discussions were going to be more granular in nature, it was time for me to recuse myself from further discussions.

Subsequently, all dates that were provided by staff with regards to MTSA discussions have been delayed or postponed so I have yet to need to declare a conflict on the MTSA work.  The May 10/22 workshop was cancelled by staff and there has been no ASPs or OPAs released formally or informally nor has there been any decision-making processes on the MTSA project, only a staff report tabled in July 2022 containing a project update and no decision point. There has been no meeting to discuss the details or decision point with regards to the MTSA  detailed technical work.

I had no issue sharing the Integrity Commissioners report that I initiated, with a constituent as it can be used by myself to explain my position if/when that item returns to an agenda at some point in the future.    Why it was shared with the gazette in an attempt to tarnish my reputation and hurt my election potential is an example of just how targeted councillors can be during the election period.  It is truly a shame that articles would be written about this situation during this time that are false and misleading.

It has also been stated that there is a group of residents that share concerns about my conflicts of interest.  I have heard no such concerns from any group nor the close to 4000 doors that I have canvassed during the election period.  My ability to make decisions on behalf of the city of Burlington and represent my constituents has, in my opinion, not been compromised by the 3 items mentioned above.

Should I be re-elected, I will continue to be completely transparent about my conflicts and continue to seek the advice of the integrity commissioner as I have done throughout my term.

If any community member has any concerns about issues raised above then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Map provided by the city showing the developments underway or planned for ward 1





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5 comments to Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith issues a statement on his Conflict problems.

  • It’s a fine response, but you need to see what exactly what was asked and what the integrity commissioner wrote back to assess anything. If standard is going to be complying with those recommendations – what are they?

    “The Advice memorandum that was prepared by the Integrity Commissioner on March 8/22.” Great! What does it say?

  • Wayne Brown

    Finally the truth is published

  • Penny Hersh

    How can a councillor represent his ward residents when he has to recuse himself over and over again from participating in development discussions that could have huge impacts in the ward?

    Councillors are elected to represent the residents. In this case I have to question if the residents of Ward 1 are presently being fully represented.

  • Great answer sir. I wouldn’t worry about what the Gazette says … they seem to have a bone to pick with everyone