Ward 1 Councillor meets with his constituents - virtually with 12 in the room

By Pepper Parr

May 17th, 2022



Kelvin Galbraith is now embracing the world of retail politics.

Kelvin Galbraith with Aldershot residents shortly after he was elected

In the retail world – you reach out to your customers, listen to them carefully and adjust your plans and approach to meet the needs the customer are bringing to your attention.

In a phrase – you service them – or as my Newfoundland friends would say – you kill them with kindness.

Galbraith held his first community meeting in a long time.  It was a hybrid event with about 12 people in the room and an unknown number taking part virtually.

When things run smoothly – Kelvin Galbraith is a happy man.

Galbraith knows his brief – he has a firm grip on what is taking place in terms of development in the ward and has a vision that is a little hazy but in time it will become clearer.

That vision, and his focus on a second term if he is elected, is Eagle Heights and the Paletta lands on the south side of 403 between King Road and basically the Aldershot GO station.

The property is zoned Employment lands – in the real estate world the money is in residential.  If you’re in the downtown core and close to the lake – there is real money to be made.

The Paletta’s are working with the 2030 Commonwealth Games committee with a plan to use the King Road property as one of the venues.

Galbraith loves the idea – he wants to see the South Service Road extended further west and if the Commonwealth games initiative will do that – fine by Galbraith.

He is basically on top of all the developments taking place in the ward.

He likes what King Paving is doing with the property on the west side of Waterdown – opposite Station West.  They are looking at moving their operation to what was once the municipal dump on the North Service Road.  That location is right beside the Mercedes Benz dealership – dust issues might become a major hurdle King Paving has to get over.

Despite a lot of effort Galbraith has not been able to get all that much for the community from the Vrancorp people who own Solid Gold. The best he might be able to get is a Starbucks franchise and a tiny park space.

There is nothing new – or positive on the development planned for the Solid Gold site.

The mess at the marina has Galbraith stepping very carefully – he needs to keep that membership happy.

The city manager is reported to have told a resident that he does not want to find the city running a marina operation – outsourcing the operation was the word that seemed to convey what the city manager would like to see.

Convincing Galbraith to take part in the Red Carpet Red Tape Task Force may not prove to be all that beneficial to him.

The Mayor finds herself trying to play with a very sticky wicket.  That raid on the hydro reserves to pay for the wave break that was essential if the marina was to remain viable has come back to haunt her politically.

Galbraith was asked by the Mayor during the early months of the current term of office to partner with her on the Red Carpet Red Tape Task Force.  The result was someone with good business credentials working with the Mayor and shoring up one of her weaker skill sets.

Galbraith is now paying a price for that early exposure.  He needs to put some space between himself and the Mayor.

The way in which Galbraith took part in the process that resulted in ward 4 Councillor being sanctioned by the Integrity Commissioner didn’t do anything for the Galbraith reputation.  That sorry situation is not over yet – there is a report due in June that will determine if Stolte decides to run for re-election

As part of a city council that voted to declare a climate emergency in the city, Galbraith still chooses to drive a gas guzzling pick up truck.  The optics on that one are terrible.

Galbraith is one of the few members of council facing a challenge to the seat he holds.  During an interview Galbraith said – anyone who decides to run against me doesn’t have a chance.

It is hubris like that that loses elections


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5 comments to Ward 1 Councillor meets with his constituents – virtually with 12 in the room

  • Diane

    Somewhere, in a newsletter or registration page (?) that there was to be no virtual component to the meeting due to insufficient staff. It’s really concerning on many levels to hear of many appeals. Why can’t developers adhere to the OP… 20-30+ storey high rises are a scourge on the landscape for now, and will be even more so in 30-50 years hence.

  • Tom Muir

    Solid Gold had an OLT Hearing set in February for 10 days in November 2022.

    Pretty much everything in Ward 1 and Aldershot is under OLT appeal, refused and waiting to formally file appeals, or stalled in OLT appeal approvals with no construction underway.

    Everything is bad news in this development file in Ward 1. The Councilor should be on top of informing Ward residents with a detailed summary of this situation. Get back to business.

    Just a list of projects from the City Development Projects page is nowhere near being on top of informing people of what they need to know. And Carol did not hear of his meeting.

    There’s an election coming soon and I agree with Pepper that saying that opponents will not have a chance against the Councilor is a bit arrogant.

    There is a lot of accountability to be answered to in the run-up to the vote.

    • Jim Thomson

      The problem with Solid Gold is that it is at OLT. I was at the meeting and he mentioned that. What more needs to be said?

      Carol not hearing about the meeting is on her. Sign up to be on the mailing list for Ward 1 News. This newspaper also provide details of how the connect to the virtual part of the meeting.

  • Doug P

    Someone should show him that Northshore does continue on after the QEW, just incase he forgot what ward 1 encompasses. After not being in the area for 4 years he probably forgot.

  • Carol Victor

    Never heard about his meeting with constituents…