Ward 1 now has a new candidate for the council seat

By Pepper Parr

May 2nd, 2022



Robert Radway, an Aldershot resident who has been a teacher at Burlington Central has announced that he will be a candidate for the ward 1 city council seat.

He and his wife have raised three children ages 12, 14 and 17. All three boys attend Aldershot High School.

His priorities if elected are:

1. Community Engagement
2. Environment
3. Development

The Radway nomination comes at an awkward time for incumbent Kelven Galbraith who is getting significant blow-back on his decision to file a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner who recommended a five day pay docking for a fellow council member.

In the 2018 election there were 11 candidates in the race,

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5 comments to Ward 1 now has a new candidate for the council seat

  • Elan

    Very exciting. The fact that you may actually put forward motions at Council makes you a better candidate then the current uninterested Councillor Galbraith, whom I believe views democracy as an annoyance. And usually likes to attend Council virtually from his cottage. Even before COVID.

  • This is exciting news for Ward 1. Robert is a transparent and positive community advocate. Looking forward to seeing his campaign get started! Goodluck!

  • steven craig gardner

    Nice to see someone with kids in our schools and ties to the community running. Someone in it for the peole perhaps not himself or his business as is so often the case.

  • Deborah

    This is great news! ‘Mr Radway’ as we know him, is a hard worker, very smart and level-headed, with empathy and optimism abounding! Cheers Robert for throwing your hat in the ring. If we lived in Ward 1, you would have our vote for sure!!

  • Denis

    Great, now add TRANSPARENCY to your priorities.