Ward 3 candidate Jennifer Hounslow chose to meet with people in small group settings to hear what they had to say; wishes there had been a debate.

By Pepper Parr

October 18th, 2022



We asked each of the candidates in each ward to tell us about the impact running a campaign for public office has had on them and how that experience shaped their thinking

Jennifer talking with a voter at a Meet & Greet

Jennifer Hounslow, running in ward 3 against incumbent Rory Nisan said “Hearing from people while canvassing – the good and the bad” adding that “there are so many people in this ward who don’t feel heard – they feel ignored.”

“This was one of the driving forces in me running in this election, and it has been validating, by others who feel the same and just want to be heard, and to have a personal response back from their Councillor.

“That realization validated my candidacy, and has driven me to work hard these past few months.

“It made me decide what kind of campaign I wanted to have – which was focused on the people. I have been spending my time pounding pavement daily and knocking on doors talking with ward 3 citizens.

“I took meetings with people and reached out to the North of the ward where they felt largely ignored. I chose to do a grassroots campaign that was focused on meeting people, listening to them and really hearing their concerns, and explaining my thoughts on the current state of the ward and the city, and where I wanted to make improvements.

“It made me want to be accessible to the masses so I chose multiple meet and greets and other group information sessions so that I could interact and collaborate with the citizens of this ward.

“I only wish there had been a debate so I could have proven that I was the best candidate.

Jennifer Hounslow making a point during an interview with the Gazette

“This realization and the type of campaign I chose has allowed me to get in front of as many people personally as I can . I had volunteers working with me, but every time we canvassed, I was there so that if anyone wanted to speak to me they could.

“Every interaction was genuine, and every lawn sign I have out there was earned – I got approval from the homeowner to put my sign on their lawn.  I am happy with how my campaign has gone and I have worked hard for this, and I hope the ward agrees.”

On October 24th, the citizens of ward 3 will troop to the polls and cast their ballots.

The Gazette reached out to Nisan to arrange an interview. There was no response.

We will report later this week on what Nisan has been able to do for the people of ward 3

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4 comments to Ward 3 candidate Jennifer Hounslow chose to meet with people in small group settings to hear what they had to say; wishes there had been a debate.

  • Lisa Cooper

    I’m curious as to why then did Ms. Hounslow decline an all candidate meeting at M.M. Robinson along with Mr. Nisan?
    Mr. McEachern was the only one who accepted the invitation, then was followed up by M.M Robinson French teacher to say the meeting was cancelled because the other two declined.

  • Debate or not Hounslow has our endorsement and we don’t think any one can touch her. We have been recommendig her in our Ward chats.

  • Sharon

    I wish Jennifer all the best! She has my vote!

  • Paul Zanes

    Excellent insightful and fair article on ward 3 . Yes it is time for a good change in this ward.