Ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna takes a pass on being interviewed about his accomplishments during his first term of office.

By Denis Gibbons

October 16th, 2022



Ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna was out campaigning when I contacted him for an interviewer.

I explained I was doing the story for both The Bay Observer and Burlington Gazette.

“Do you have to do it for the Burlington Gazette? ” he asked.

When I said “yes” Bentivegna politely declined.

Bentivegna began to ask questions during Council meetings once he found his bearings and was familiar with the issues on the agenda

“My website has all of my accomplishments,” he said.

Bentivegna said the reason he declined was something from the past he did not want to get into.

Gazette publisher Pepper Parr pointed out that “when people speak of transparency and accountability that usually means one responds to accredited media and defends the decisions they make.”

Parr said he is “unaware of “something from the past” that Bentivegna does not want to “get into” and welcomes a conversation with the ward 6 candidate” who is facing some pretty stiff competition from Rick Greenspoon.

Parr added: “To say that everything is on a candidate’s web site and that will have to do – is just not, by any measure, accountable or transparent.

“If that is the best Angelo Bentivegna can do – this should be his one and only term on Councillor” said Parr.

The Gazette will do a follow up on just what Bentivegna did during his first term of office.

Denis Gibbons, a former Editor of the Burlington Post, was was brought in specifically to do interviews of current Council members

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3 comments to Ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna takes a pass on being interviewed about his accomplishments during his first term of office.

  • Glenda

    prior to Angelo Bentivegna running and taking a seat in council I saw him attending council meetings for no other reason than to be informed about city issues prior to his running… I believe he attended all or almost all council meetings for quite a few years ….. I am not in his ward but any time I attended a council meeting I was impressed by him always being there…. by his commitment to observe how council ran and how issues were handled by council……maybe more want to be councilors should spend a few years prior to running attending alll if not most council meetings prior to throwing their hat in the race….

  • Mary Hill

    Sounds like he was willing to be transparent, and accountable via an interview with the Bay Observer.

    There have been many instances where a politician or other public figure has declined to talk to a specific media outlet and yet engaged with other outlets. I think that is the individual’s right.

    A politician is only accountable to the electorate. How that is done is the politician’s choice.

    Maybe the editor might try being less cantankerous. First Councilor Kearns. Now Councilor Bentivegna. Is there a pattern?

    honey and vinegar come to mind.

    Editor’s note: We made a point of hiring a reporter to do the interview on the understanding that we would edit for grammar and correct any typos. The candidate is just not prepared to stand up for what he has done and what he has not done.
    The pattern – there certainly is a pattern – honing in on those who want public trust but are not prepared to be either transparent or account – the way I have to be transparent and account to you Mary.

    • Mary Hill


      The Councilor’s website does have an extensive list of “achievements” both at City and Regional council levels.

      My view is it does not matter who the Gazette might hire. If there the Councilor from his perspective has had a previous problem with the Gazette, then the trust required will likely not be there. The trust issue would appear to be between the Councilor and the Gazette; not between the Councillor and any other media outlet or the electorate.

      Just my opinion.