Wasn't the fight over the two towers at the Brant and Lakeshore intersection resolved? Apparently not.

By Pepper Parr

February 12th, 2024



Pay close attention to what is expected to take place at the Ontario Land Tribunal in April.

Vrancorp, the developer, has filed new documents with the Tribunal that are concerning.


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6 comments to Wasn’t the fight over the two towers at the Brant and Lakeshore intersection resolved? Apparently not.

  • David

    Our house is at somewhat ground zero we’re surrounded by tall buildings
    and when I was reading this article this morning I looked up out of my window looking East at what I call the ‘big sky’ and when these two new towers are built my ‘big sky’ will become a wee bit smaller, I will see the top halves of them. but I won’t see them for long as new development is being proposed across the street from me. I used to live in London U.K. and so am used to tall buildings, traffic, and people and therefore it doesn’t bother me I live in a city after all.

  • Yvonne Miller

    It isn’t fare to have such towers so close to the lake which will shadow the building Bridgewater and The Pearl Hotel, aswell as exceeding the city Heights laid out.
    I totally oppose the proposed development plan.

  • Grahame Richards

    For every person who opposes this development there are many more who will welcome the chance to buy a place with such a wonderful view and location.Many are long time residents of Burlington who have retired and are downsizing

    • Tom Muir

      I would really like to know where Grahame got his assertion that the opponents to this project are “many more outnumbered” by supporters.
      Please tell us where you learned this?

  • Citizen's PLAN B

    It is difficult to take Bousefields’ (Vrancor’s urban planner) claim of incorporating the Waterfront Hotel Planning Study recommendations into their latest design seriously when it has 50% more storeys (35+30 vs 22+21) and 24% (0.0305 vs 0.13 ha) less parkland dedicated on the W property line than PC 2022. To give your reader’s some perspective, shadows cast up Brant Street by this proposed 35 foot tower will reach City Hall on some days in March. The original application had a large # of deficiencies/ violations identified by Burlington’s Planning Department and the cause for its’ refusal, and many still remain. A simple example of that is that this new design has 64-168 parking spots short of what’s required for 594 residential units. It also has been weakened by ROPA 48. The City has engaged what appears to be excellent legal counsel, and we remain cautiously confident that a win-win can be reached. It’s just a lot to ask from one single OLT member.

    • Gary Scobie

      Thanks PLAN B for this update and I did check your website Updates as suggested in the last Gazette article. These requested changes to the design and build are simply outrageous as compared to the scaled-down version that the City seemed to have already won.

      And your last sentence says it all. How can one appointed person at the OLT (run by the Province, not the City) make a fair and reasonable decision on such a major build? Let’s make OLT history, and I mean gone after this.