We are going to do it differently this time. Strategic plan means home work for citizens.

By Staff

Burlington, Ont.—March 21, 2011 – The City of Burlington is encouraging members of the community to participate early and often in the city’s process to create a new strategic plan for Burlington called Burlington, Our Future

Not a lot of zip in the name is there? But you can expect the document to be significantly different than the last one the city put out. That document was a collection of photographs, platitudes and happy talk.

This Mayor, Rick Goldring, doesn’t do platitudes all that well – although he can do the happy talk quite well.

The city staff explain that: “A strategic plan is a document  adopted near the start of the council term. It sets out council’s vision and goals, and helps to guide council’s decision-making over the next four years and beyond.”

“I strongly encourage every citizen to get involved with Burlington, Our Future to help shape the city’s new strategic plan,” said Mayor Rick Goldring. “There are more ways than ever to get involved earlier in the process.”

See what I mean by the happy talk stuff. But he’s learning and he will get better.

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Citizens can go to the city’s website, www.burlington.ca/ourfuture to get information about the strategic planning process and the various opportunities for input.  One of the first opportunities is an online survey to find out what citizens and businesses think are the top priorities for this council. 

Also for the first time, the city is providing an easy-to-follow workbook to help citizens get the conversation going with friends, neighbours and colleagues and share their discussions with council.  These conversations are referred to as “Talk About It…Burlington, Our Future”. Group workbooks and submission forms are available online. Citizens without Internet access can call 905-335-7600, ext. 7378 to get a copy of the workbook. 

The first stage of public consultation will take place now until April 18. Input received will help shape the vision and identify priority areas. Other opportunities for public participation will occur throughout the process.  

That mid April date is just about the time the budget – the document that determines what your taxes will amount to. You might want to keep your powder dry and hold your fire until you know what it is going to cost you to keep your house out of the hands of the bailiff. I make that comment mostly in jest because Burlington has an incredibly kind policy towards those people who are unable to pay their property taxes.  The tax collectors will bend over backwards for genuine cases of financial hardship. It is something for which the city can be very proud.


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