We know when - we just don't know where.

By Staff

September 15th, 2022



Lakeshore Public School Community information Meeting

Sunday September 18, 2022




Jane  Cooper-Kelly, Lakeshore Public School Ratepayers Association

The meeting will apparently not be held on school property – liability issues                                                       

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3 comments to We know when – we just don’t know where.

  • Fred Crockett


    Sadly, David is correct.

    The insurance industry is so terrified of “ambulance-chasing” lawyers that they have, in turn, terrorized all public sector organizations. Consider the fiasco at the Lift Bridge Pier, where the public had enjoyed the facilities for over 100 years, then were banned, but the authorities have thankfully worked out a compromise. Similarly, do you recall enthusiastically tobagganing on local hills in previous years – that’s all over folks.

    I loathe and despise the “ambulance-chasers”, but understand that they have a market, and hold the insurance companies at their mercy, at a cost of civilized and cordial community events.



    So, municipal candidates and local citizens are a threat to the insipid bureaucracy of the School Board?

    • David Barker

      No Fred !

      Come on ! How on earth did you get to that understanding from this short article. Nothing in the article suggests that.

      Should the school board allow the group onto its property it assumes liability arising out of property damage or more importantly injury to members of the group or other third parties arising out of the activities of the group whilst on school board property. That is why school boards, all boards , require groups using their properties to provide proof of their own liability insurance with the school board added as an additional insured. It’s very likely the rate payers group does not have its own insurance. No insurance no use of school board property.

      If the meeting was to be held at the Cineplex cinema, Cineplex would have the same requirements. As the Gazette it is likely all about liability insurance.

      I’m sure it has nothing to do with the presence or not of candidates.