Weather systems are changing - flooding on a massive scale - Burlington has experienced what happens

By Staff

March 14th, 2023



We all know about Climate Change; it’s now part of every decision make.

Cyclone Freddy – the Earth’s longest-lived tropical storm.

Watching news from around the world there are reports from Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi where a cyclone has hovered for weeks; where 99 were killed at least 8,000 people displaced and close to 2 million people affected in Mozambique alone.

Mozambique has experienced a year’s worth of rainfall in the space of a few weeks as Freddy swirled between the African mainland and Madagascar, raising the risk of a worsening cholera outbreak in the region.

Burlington saw this kind of rainfall in the 2014 floods that were experienced in the eastern part of the city.

This kind of weather is increasing – the changes taking place are not yet fully understood.

Cyclone Freddy was already the Earth’s longest-lived tropical storm. As Freddy made landfall in central Mozambique for a second time in the space of a few weeks, lashing a stretch of southern Africa with heavy rains and winds, it also may have solidified its status as one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever observed in the southern hemisphere.

Weather is local – all part of the Climate Change we are experiencing. Are we taking the precautions that are needed ?

That’s the growing assessment of the world’s meteorological community, as Matthew Cappucci reported that Freddy emerged around February 6 off the coasts of Indonesia and Western Australia, transited thousands of miles west across the Indian Ocean before striking the island of Madagascar on February 19 and then making landfall in Mozambique on February 24, where it flooded towns, devastated crops and plunged communities in darkness.

It looped back over the Mozambique Channel and picked up energy again over its warm waters before returning to the African mainland.

The world is seeing and experiencing massive changes in the way weather systems develop.

While this is a national news story – we realize now that weather is local – and there are huge changes taking place that we do not fully understand.

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1 comment to Weather systems are changing – flooding on a massive scale – Burlington has experienced what happens

  • Denise W.

    “While this is a national news story”. No, this is an opinion piece.

    Climate is part of nature and will always be in a state of change. There never were any warranties that it would take into account any planetary inhabitants preferences. That all said, yes, I do feel humans are impacting climate. But grasping on normal weather events is an overreach. Or was the dustbowl of the 30’s also climate change?