Were developers tipped off about the plans to opening more Greenbelt lands for housing.

By Staff

November 30th, 2022



Reproduced from the Toronto Star

Ontario’s embattled Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, Steve Clark, insisted proper procedures were followed but refused to say “no” when repeatedly asked if developers were tipped to the opening of more Greenbelt lands for housing.

The question from New Democrat MPP Jessica Bell followed an investigation by the Toronto Star and the Narwhal that found eight of the 15 areas of the Greenbelt where development will soon be allowed have been purchased since Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives were elected in 2018.

A growing furor over the controversial plan to build more housing on protected lands prompted Green Leader Mike Schreiner to file a complaint with the provincial integrity commissioner seeking an investigation into the property deals.

“Over half the parcels of land being opened for development in the Greenbelt were purchased after Premier Ford was elected and some of those parcels of land were purchased as recently as September of this year,” Schreiner said.

“This doesn’t pass the smell test … we need to clear the air.”

Schreiner’s complaint came three days after New Democrat MPP Marit Stiles (Davenport) wrote the provincial auditor general requesting a probe of the land deals. Neither the auditor nor integrity commissioner have commented specifically on the requests.

Clark was under pressure in the legislature again Tuesday.

“I asked the minister very clearly three times if they talked to developers in advance and gave them a heads up,” Bell (University-Rosedale), her party’s housing critic, said after the daily question period.

Environmental Defence provides a map showing where the hot spots are.

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5 comments to Were developers tipped off about the plans to opening more Greenbelt lands for housing.

  • perryb

    Has anyone questioned OUR MPP about this?

  • Sharon

    Answer to your question: Absolutely, no grey areas there!

  • Chris Evans

    Is there any wonder why people don’t trust our elected officials? It’s time there was an ethical, capable alternative to Ford’s Conservatives. Come on people get informed and get involved in your government. Apathy by the electorate only leads to abuse by those who gain power. All elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions.

  • Rick Law

    Ford is turning Ontario into New Jersey