What do the people of Burlington want the provincial government to do for them.

By Pepper Parr

June 19th, 2022



At this point we don’t have a government in Ontario.

None of those elected earlier this month have been sworn in but 36 of the newly elected were taken on a tour last week to be shown what is where at Queen’s Park.

The Premier is still the Premier and the Cabinet is still the Cabinet – they are the government until the new Cabinet is sown in.

Those who did not run again or were defeated had 10 day to pack up their stuff and move out of the offices they had.

Not sure if Natalie Pierre has moved into the space that Jane McKenna had.

Natalie Pierre – elected to represent the people of Burlington at Queen’s Park

Ted Arnott, who will continue to be the member for Wellington – Halton wrote the Premier setting out what he wanted for his constituency. Natalie Pierre will have some personal ideas as to what she would like to see – she has yet to become fully informed as to what the city needs – although she has had at least one conversation with Mayor Meed Ward.

This might be a good opportunity for the readers of the Gazette to set out what they would like to see the provincial government do in the months ahead.

They have a strong majority and can do pretty much whatever they want to do.

Their first two years during the last government were pretty wild – with all kinds of decisions that no one expected – the decision to cut the number of councillors for Toronto was one memorable example.

This new government is said to be much different than the last.

So – what do you want to see?

Put your thoughts into the comments section and we will go through them all and see what our readers have to say.

And please – have the courage of your convictions and put your real name on the comments.

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6 comments to What do the people of Burlington want the provincial government to do for them.

  • Neil Swint

    Raise odsp rates, national disgrace. Stop renovictions, renters rights, make landlord tenant board be forced back to an in person setting, not online.

  • Judy Gilbert

    Stop dictating how cities should look and keep the small quaint city look.
    Keep parks, green space and not more high rises.
    Be more transparent about what he is doing and not tell us after the fact.

  • Deedee Davies

    I would like the government to respect the majority of voters who did not vote for new highways, who want stronger environmental protection, who want rebates to purchase EVs, who want larger increases for ODSP, and who want pay increases that respect our healthcare workers. To list just a few things. Thank you

  • Sharon

    Natalie needs to read the remarks, requests, and reason for getting mandates from the Conservative Government to control the growth of development in the downtown area that presently is out of control and is setting a future of disaster for any type of movement with only two lanes to exit anywhere.

  • Perry Bowker

    To Natalie Pierre. As the representative of Burlington, the best thing you can do is to represent us. Your predecessor set a very low bar. So if the job you are assigned turns out be simply to show up at the legislature and raise your hand when prompted, you might as well just admit this and the rest of us can get on with trying to keep Burlington a great place to live.

  • Philip Waggett

    Remember when JFK delivered that memorable statement at his inauguration in January, 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country”. It’s now June, 2022 and Pepper asks, “What can your province do for you?” Times have certainly changed.