What is it so hard for employers to pay their staff a Living Wage ?

By Staff

November 15th, 2023



A Living Wage – just pay it and adjust your prices (in the case of a municipality adjust the taxes).  The wage paid will work its way into the economy giving people more in the way of money they can spend.

The hospitality sector relies on the tips people pay to get away with less than a living wage.


The question is: How many city of Burlington staff are being paid less than this living wage?

A decal like this on every city vehicle would make people proud of the city they live in. It is doable – something the City Manager could initiate – maybe? Make it his parting gift to the city.

The Living Wage Network has a program that certifies employers who pay a Living Wage and provides decals for the employers vehicles.  Is there any reason Burlington doesn’t apply for certification?

That would put some meat on the bone the city keeps gnawing away at Burlington being the best mid-sized cities in Canada to live in.

There is more to come on this issue



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