When the violence has everyone in a court room trust is broken and is exceptionally hard to heal.

By Staff

December 13th, 2022



Intimate Partner Violence results when a relationship does not have the strength and resiliency to handle new and higher levels of stress.

The rise in the cost of living and the changes taking place in the mortgage market are extremely hard to handle.

A relationship that was in a bit of trouble finds itself unable to cope – anger rises and people lash out.

Men are physical, women use words that cut like razor blades.

People get hurt, the police are called. Arrests take place.

The Ontario government is investing over $2 million to help break the cycle of intimate partner violence and keep communities safe. The funding is being delivered through the Partner Assault Response (PAR) program and will support specialized group education and counselling for people who are mandated by the courts to receive it.

“Our government is helping to relieve immediate financial and service pressures that are due, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as an increase in intimate partner violence cases across the province,” said Attorney General Doug Downey.

“Addressing the root causes of violence is an important part of keeping victims safe and reducing the likelihood of further violence. By investing in the PAR program, we’re taking decisive action to ensure service providers can continue to support victims.”

PAR is a court-mandated program that helps accused people understand intimate partner violence and learn strategies and skills to engage in healthy relationships. The program also supports victims and their families by reducing their isolation and helping them make informed decisions about their safety and relationships with the accused.

“Today’s funding will help make our communities stronger and safer by addressing the issue of intimate partner violence and supporting victims and their families,” said Charmaine Williams, Associate Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity.

“This additional funding is welcome news for PAR providers across Ontario and is a positive step towards helping more clients access the program in a timely fashion,” said Vivien Green, Coordinator of Strategic Projects and Chair of the Board for Counterpoint Counselling and Educational Cooperative. “COVID-19 and the increase in intimate partner violence offences in Ontario has created new challenges in service delivery, but we are hopeful that this additional support will assist in our work to break the cycle of intimate partner violence.”

The bigger problem is that when the violence has everyone in a court room trust is broken and is exceptionally hard to heal.



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