Where do they come from and why are they here? The Sound of Music of course

By Denis Gibbons

June 20, 2022



The Sound of Music Festival attracts people from all parts of Canada and even the world. The Gazette’s roving reporter talked to some of them on a picturesque Saturday at the waterfront.

John  and Sue Sadowski

John  and Sue Sadowski made the short jaunt from Dundas to attend the Sound of Music Festival. A freelance drummer with various tribute bands in the Bay Area. John said Spencer Smith Park is so beautiful it should be extended around the bend to the liftbridge over the Burlington Canal. He was pleased when the Gazette’s roving reporter told him there are long-range plans to do that. Asked how the event compares with the Dundas Cactus Festival, Sue replied, “There’s a whole lake missing at the Cactus Festival. I once got caught in a tornado that almost blew down all the tents on King Street!”

Const. Kevin Bochsler – took care of the Lost and Found Booth

Keeping everybody safe and having a good time is the main concern of Const. Kevin Bochsler, a Burlington-based community officer with Halton Regional Police. Bochsler was in charge of the missing persons tent at the festival. He reports there was one missing child and one missing adult, but fortunately both were reunited with their families.

“If I can chat with people as they pass by,it’s a good day,” he said. “Whatever we can do to help.”

Peter Munn,

Peter Munn, a resident of Winnipeg and originally from Melbourne, Australia, felt right at home on the waterfront. “He was in Burlington for his son’s wedding. “Melbourne also has a reputation as an outdoor city with a lot of festivals. It’s on a big bay, perhaps 20 miles by 30, with beautiful beaches all around it.

I’m very impressed with this piece of land (Spencer Smith Park), they have good food trucks and great music.”

Cimba, the dog, just loves all the people

A resident of Oakville, Lana says she comes to the Sound of Music Festival every year. This year she brought along her cute little Pomeranian  Cimba. “Cimba just loves all the people and how busy it is down here,” she said. Obviously, Cimba also has plenty of experience posing for the camera.

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