Where does the news come from?

By Staff

January 20th, 2022



Information comes to the Gazette in many ways.

From time to time we get an envelope with no return address and no signature telling us all about some dastardly behaviour that just has to be investigated.

There was nothing to talk about. Just a Clerk waiting for Council members to arrive.

Other times it’s a comment from someone we know reasonably well and on other occasions the information is from a well-placed individual from either the private sector or the public sector who ask not to be named.

Then there are those who know the truth but don’t want that truth to get out and they deliberately work at spinning the story they think we want to tell.

Lastly, there are those with bank balances bigger than ours who issue writs for libel which we have to defend.

The one that was new to us was a mention in the Events report put out by the city every Friday.  The notice was four lines long and went like this:


January 25 2022, 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Special Meeting of Council- Cancelled
Cancelled due to lack of items.

That struck us as amazing and we felt it just had to be shared

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