Where is the Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington?

By Pepper Parr

April 19th, 2022



With the June 2nd provincial election week’s away one has to ask:

Natalie Pierre – chosen to represent the Progressive Party in Burlington.

Where is Natalie Pierre ?

Has anyone seen her?

Has she appeared at any events?

Has the campaign team been named?

Burlington has a nominated candidate for the Liberals, the Green Party and the NDP – and while the Progressive Conservative Party has announced that Natalie Pierre has been appointed – no sign of her anywhere.

Jane McKenna came to the conclusion that the grass was greener for her at the Regional level and announced she will run for the Office of Chair of the Region of Halton.

During the recent federal election the Conservative party wrapped their candidate in a bubble and sent her to events that were friendly and never had any of the candidates in the Region go public.

Kind of contrary to the idea of the public choosing the person that best represents their views and wishes for the province.

Federally last time around the Conservatives had a very strong candidate who might have done a lot better had they given her some room to speak.

One begins to wonder if the party believes they have enough of a base and all they have to do is appeal to that base and they can keep the seat – and don’t let their candidate say a word for fear that she will blow it.

How did the Progressive Conservative party talk Natalie Pierre into standing for public office and looking like a stooge ?

For those who might be confused by the use of the bane Conservative and Progressive Conservative.  Federally they are Conservatives – provincially they are known as Progressive Conservatives.  Long story



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5 comments to Where is the Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington?

  • Diane Knox

    Probably hiding in the same place our last PC Candidate did. McKenna won by default because of Vote splitting with three other parties and went to The Back Benches in Toronto. So we had An elected rep who disappeared was never in person seen or heard from on any Townhall phone line during two years of Ford’s revolving door open/ closed flip flops, health care crisis, school crisis, LTC crisis. There are Lots of Municipal issues here in Halton/Burlington that are controlled by the Province. We need Voice for the next 4 years. Vote as if your Life depends on it because it does. June 2. Hard choice but Vote Please

  • Mozelle Cole

    The bottom line is the Conservatives need to wake up and smell the coffee. How can one decide who to vote for if we never hear from anyone?
    Unless of course you want another four years of “the budget will balance itself”.

  • Phil Waggett

    I’m a Conservative and it’s long past the time for the local Conservative Riding Association to wake up. In the last two federal elections, the Conservatives chose a candidate weeks before the election and somehow expected its candidate was going to prevail against Karina Gould. I don’t like Karina Gould but she is an excellent retail candidate who understands that keeping he name front and center in the community is critical to her winning the riding; she does nothing without her photo crew in tow, making the selfie-king in Ottawa look like a raw amateur. If the Conservatives want to win this riding–and it can be won given the abysmal record of the Liberal Party and Karina Gould over the past 7 years, a candidate must be chosen well before the election date. Job#1 is building a community profile and publicizing not only the policy platform of the Conservatives but outlining the shortcomings of Gould and the Liberals. Unfortunately, it looks like the provincial election is being run by the same group that assumes it has a divine right to have its candidate elected; the only thing that will save them is the sorry state of the provincial Liberals and NDP.

    Editor’s note: Phil is confusing the federal Liberals with the provincial Liberals. The missing candidate is running for the Burlington seat in the provincial legislature.

    • Phil Waggett

      Note to the editor. There is no confusion. The same inept communication strategy evidenced in the past two federal elections and noted above seems to be playing out at the provincial level. Merely pointing out on past performance, the local Conservative Riding Associations seem to be making the mistake again of not promoting the local candidate.

  • perryb

    Someone told me once that in Burlington the PCs could run a fire hydrant for office and win. That has been proven false federally, and maybe soon also provincially.