Where the growth is going to take place in Aldershot

By Pepper Parr

March 6th, 2022


The Recommended Preferred Precinct Plans for Aldershot have been released.

While the hot development action has always been south of Caroline in the downtown core and clustered along Lakeshore Road, brand new communities are going to grow around the three GO stations that are now known as MTSA’s – Major Transit Service Areas – that will have GO service, local transit service, as well as anything else that transports people, coming together in the same spot.

What has been released to this point is the precinct boundaries.  A precinct is a boundary line within which various levels of development will be permitted.

Unfortunately, at this point, no data or description as to what can be built within each precinct has been provided.

What we do know is that each of the MTSAs will see new communities created.  Of the three MTSAs: Burlington, Appleby and Aldershot – the most developed is Aldershot.

Residential development will be significant with clusters that include, 5, 6, 7 or even 8 high rise towers and all the social amenities.  Get used to a new one: linear parks which is another phrase for a path with some grass.

The Recommended Preferred Precinct Plans for the Aldershot GO station set out above identify the name of the precinct they are in but provide no detail on what the zoning is for each precinct. Presumably that will follow.  What you get at this point is a pretty graphic.

Set out below is one of the residential unit the ADI Development Group completed.

The Recommended Preferred Precinct Plans for Burlington can be seen HERE. The Appleby Line plans will be published tomorrow.



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