While soccer is the most popular sport in the world - other sports have huge followings - they all develop life skills such as teamwork.

By Barclay Gilmore

May 20th, 2022



In spite of the diverse metrics applied to determine the popularity of various kinds of sports, it is extremely hard to determine which one is the most ubiquitous. The impact of these metrics is immense on the lives of onlookers and players.

All sports are fun and educational, playing sports may also help children develop life skills such as teamwork

Sports are often thought of as a type of social interaction and a way to connect with people. Aside from being fun and educational, playing sports may also help children develop life skills such as teamwork. Here are the 1most ubiquitous sports globally.

  1. Football

The most-watched sport over the globe is football, the North Americans call it soccer,  with nearly 3.5 billion followers. Although football is a global sport, it’s most prevalent in regions such as Asia, Europe, and South America as well as in diverse countries, with over half of the populace watching the World Cup every single year. There are also many online sports games with casino promotions.

  1. Cricket

More than 2.5 billion humans all over the world pursue the sport of cricket. The game is widely loved in various countries, such as England, Australia, and India.

The basic rules of cricket involve a bowler running up to the batting team member and taking a run-up to catch the ball.

  1. Basketball

Although soccer and basketball are comparatively new sports, both of them have tremendous followers, with a number of 2.4 Billion Followers. Basketball has been around for a very long time, however, relatively new status, and it’s very prevalent in various countries such as the US and Canada. It is on its way to getting ahead of football and baseball as the most widespread sport in America.

  1. Hockey

Hockey is a North American game with some of the best players coming out of Russia.

In the US and Canada, ice hockey and field hockey are the most widespread kinds of games, in addition, in other countries, like Pakistan and India, both types of games are also generally played. Unlike other sports, hockey has loyal followers with the amount of 2 billion followers and a high-quality streaming audience.

  1. Tennis

As per a list by Top-End Sports, tennis is the most widespread sport globally, with 1 billion followers. It is played by around sixty million human beings worldwide. Aside from playing against one another, doubles are also commonly practiced.

  1. Badminton

Although it’s widely acknowledged that badminton is a widespread sport over the globe with 950 million followers, it is also very popular in Asia. Because of its fame, it’s produced, several well-known athletes.

  1. Volleyball

In spite of being considered a distinct sport, volleyball is still very popular in many countries over the globe, with 900 million followers.

Although it is less ubiquitous than other sports, it is still considered an Olympic sport.

  1. Table Tennis

Although table tennis is widely regarded as a popular sport with nearly 875 million followers, it doesn’t have many pro chances for aspiring players. As per the popularity of the game, it’s usually only performed in certain regions, such as Indonesia and China.

  1. Baseball is another North American game played in Japan where it is very popular.


Despite baseball being considered one of the most ubiquitous sports in the US with more than 500 million followers, it is still considered the country’s national pastime.  Baseball has even overtaken football as the most-watched sport in America.

  1. Rugby

Owing to the popularity of football and soccer, various other kinds of games have arisen as well. One of these is rugby, which is extremely prevalent in tightly populated regions. In addition, with almost 475 million followers, it’s followed globally but mostly in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

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