Why did Tim Commisso choose not to renew his contract?

By Pepper Parr

January 30th, 2024



We can now tell you quite a bit more is as to why City Manager Tim Commisso decided to quit and be able to spend more time with his family.

There were a lot of questions as to why Commisso would get a positive review from Council;  given to him during a CLOSED session of Council; get a significant salary increase ($63,000 a year) and very shortly after advise the Mayor and Council that he was not going to seek a renewal of his contract.

All the parts have to come together if something is going to work. There was a part that didn’t come together.

We have since learned that the salary increase was part of the contract Commisso signed when he was made city manager – after serving as Interim for a number of months.  When the specific milestones in the contract were met – the increase in the contract was granted.

What followed was a comment made at an Ontario Big City Mayors meeting that did it for Tim Commisso.

Tune in tomorrow for who said what to who that caused Tim Commisso to call it a day.

Sources that will go on record don’t exist.  The world of City Managers is very small – they all know each other very well and in most cases work together very well.  They talk to each other but seldom talk about each other.

Commisso is currently heading up a Committee of City Managers that is going through all the services delivered by the Region of Halton and trying to determine which can be down-loaded to the municipalities.

Commisso leaves the City on June 10th.

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