Why is the current in force version of the Procedural Bylaw not readily available?

By Pepper Parr

March 20, 2023



City Clerk Kevin Arjoon

City Council is in the midst of reviewing the Procedural Bylaw. Dry is as dust to most people – except the city clerk – he gets excited about the document.

He is, for the most part, well versed in its contents – however he is often slow to ensure that it is acted upon and enforced.

There are a number of elements in the draft revised version being discussed that do not appear to be in the best interest of the public. There are discussions about not permitting people to delegate because they are deemed to be disruptive. They haven’t done something like that – but they did try to keep a candidate – Keith Demoe – from delegating.

We heard that it was not possible to find the current Procedural Bylaw on the city web site and learned there were others who could not find the document.

We sent a note to the City Clerk asking:

Where on the city web site can a citizen find a copy of the Procedural Bylaw that is in force now – March 20th, 2023.

We are fully aware that you are in the process of amending that bylaw – but where can people find and read the existing bylaw.

We would like to know exactly where it can be found.

Here is the answer we got:

At present, folks need to use the by-law manager. We have by-law 31-22 posted under agendas and minutes, but it does not include the three amendments, these can be found using the bylaw manager.

That is close to inexcusable. There is no good reason for making it difficult for people to access the document – especially when it is the subject of much concern and interest.

For you your interest HERE is the link to the document

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7 comments to Why is the current in force version of the Procedural Bylaw not readily available?

  • Lynn Crosby

    Why can such things be found easily on the websites of other municipalities, but not Burlington?? Why does the Clerk here think this is acceptable? Does Council? Does the City Manager? Anyone home?

  • Absolutely needs to be easily available. Question for Min. Contact as to why it isn’t.

    • Jim Thomson

      The web site is a mess. That’s why.
      Try searching for Procedure By-law 04-2020.
      You get 107 hits but as far as I can tell the By-law isn’t there.
      By-law 031-2021 only 101 hits but none points to the source

      • That is exactly the point I have been making since the web site was changed right when we needed it just before election. Everyone at city hall denies we have been left without the means to keep on top of the issues that were previously available to us but that is clearly the case for those of us who depended onthe web site like we did.

        • Jim Thomson

          “Only in his hometown and in his own household is a prophet without honor.”

          • Would not be the first time that has applied to us.. In the 90s we begged the city not to allow an indoor bike track to open as it was a -death trap. At that time Anne managed the Cyclepath national team that went to the World Championship and knew exactly why it was unsafe. At the inquest of a world class rider who died on that track an expert in BMX track building testified as to the truth of our words. We have lived with the thoughts of did we do everything we could have to prevent that young man losing his life the rest of our lives. We now live with many more issues one being the Procedural Bylaw where we repeatedly ask ourselves the same question except of course we are talking about the death of democracy not a life, but clearly and sadly cannot answer our own question, only time will tell.