Will it be a walk in the park or a visit to the crime scene

By Pepper Parr

June 5th, 2024



It is described as a tree walk in Millcroft – it could be described as the scene of the crime.

Beneath the golf course there is a irrigation system that has managed the flow of water – any additional development would disrupt that system with flooding a serious possibility.

The Millcroft community is now waiting for a Ontario Land Tribunal decision that is expected in about four months after the extensive hearing.

Those who watched the hearings came away with the view that the lawyers representing the community had the stronger argument and that the development proposed should not proceed.  And so they wait.

The proposed development will add 90+ homes to the golf course and seriously disrupt the irrigation system in place.  Two of the holes on the 18 hole course would be shortened.

In the meantime the MGA (Millcroft Greenspace Alliance has focused on the biggest concern: educating the public on just how vital trees are for their community.

They have organized a walk that will be led by City arborist, Kyle McLoughlin

When and Where: Thursday, June 6 from 10 – 11:30 am meet near the splash pad in Millcroft Park.  The forecast for tomorrow is looking perfect for a tree walk; Bring your sunglasses and a friend for this community event.

The City’s trees are a critical aspect of our lives and climate adaptation.  This is evidenced by the Government of Canada’s goal of planting 2 billion trees.

The Pump House and the pond beside it could be removed should the Tribunal approve the development.

Walk in the Millcroft Neighbourhood and connect with others to learn about the City’s urban forest and its management.  McLoughlin will talk along the walk offering some of his incredible knowledge of our City’s trees and their importance in our Community. He will highlight various trees and their features and benefits as well as offering tips on tree care and the importance of trees on our private properties.  This will be an interactive session where you can ask your questions.

Kyle will raffle off five trees, as part of the City’s reforestation efforts to reach our goal of 35% tree canopy.

Pre-register by emailing    millcroftgreenspace@gmail.com   space is limited.

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