Will Karina Gould get a promotion today?

By Pepper Parr

July 26th, 2023



Today is the day we will learn what role Karina Gould will play in the Cabinet the Prime Minister announces later today.

Karina Gould in the House of Commons when President Obama was speaking to a joint session of the House and the Senate.

Gould is a mother, and the youngest female cabinet minister in Canadian history, and described as a fierce advocate for her community. Born in 1986, she has been a politician since her first election in 2015. She studied at McGill University and at Oxford University.

There are numerous buttons that have to be pushed when forming a Cabinet.  Gender, ability, experience and energy level.

Performing is as a Cabinet Minister is a hard, time consuming job.  Gould has a young child and her family values call for her to be home.

Karina Gould with the Prime Minister wen she was sworn in as the Minister of families, children and social development.

Does the Prime Minister see her as ready for a front bench seat?  Ministry of Health is a possibility, but a long shot.

We may see the Prime Minister create new Ministries, or revise some of the current Ministries.

The top challenge for this government is the environment and Climate Change.  Where would Karina Gould fit into that frame?

Gould will know what her role is going to be; she will have met with the Prime Minister but the rules of the game are that you wait until the Prime Minister makes an announcement which is expected sometime before noon.


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2 comments to Will Karina Gould get a promotion today?

  • Fierce advocate for her community is a bit of a stretch in terms of the failed advocacy on family and democracy issues. Nothing like the standard that came out of Paddy Torsney’s office.

    She will, however be given another chance to push for appropriate protection and government accountability for seniors unjustly deprived of their pensions. Torsney certainly gave us support on this significant issue regarding seniors in LTC’s who were deprived of their pensions by false claims of incapacity and denying the residents right to have a legitimately appointed power of attorney ability to step in and protect their family member.

    Gould has to date followed the bad example of Mike Wallace in this regard rather than Torsney”s of advocating for her community families when it comes to government practices related to appropriate receipt of the pensions public have well earned. Something our files show Torsney was supportive of but was forced to cow tow to Ministers who headed Departments that failed our seniors.