Will we lose something with the new Canada Day plans ? Brant Street will be closed.

By Pepper Parr

February 7th, 2023



Canada Day is going to be different this year.

New Canadians being sworn in on Canada Day.

Traditionally, people have gathered at Spencer Smith Park; some years to watch new Canadians being sworn in as citizens. Two Mounties usually volunteer to take part in the event

There will be a speaker talking about what makes Canada special.

The Teen Tour Band performs.

Before the Brant Museum underwent a massive change ice cream and strawberries were served. It hardened back to a time when a Strawberry Social was a significant social event in Burlington.

Brant museum serves strawberries and ice cream on Canada Day

This July the city is going to close Brant Street from Lakeshore Road up to Caroline. No word yet on just how the city will “animate” the street; expect the merchants to put their wares on the sidewalk and every outdoor patio will be filled as long as the weather holds.

With all the “action” taking place on Brant Street will people still gather at the Park ?

People will certainly work their way down to the Park for the fire works display.

Some serious thinking to be done about how the day will work out.  Could be very interesting.

Council put the $15,000 cost of closing a street in the budget in perpetuity.

The Day ends with a huge sire works display



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3 comments to Will we lose something with the new Canada Day plans ? Brant Street will be closed.

  • Alan

    Light em up!!!

  • Lynn Crosby

    Fireworks are terrible for the environment, for wild animals, birds, for pets. See link below. There are green alternatives and many cities are moving to those and banning fireworks. Is the City’s declaration of a “climate emergency” just another meaningless token for the campaign lit? Ive asked this many times and been met with silence. Then there’s the frequent fireworks set off by individuals contrary to the local bylaw, which is never enforced, presumably because they aren’t set off during office hours. Any council members willing to step up and lead on this issue for once?


    • David

      I’m not into the whole climate catastrophe narrative, but absolutely agree with the disturbance and damage to wildlife, I live at ground zero for Burlingtons firework displays, on those nights I can be found in the basement comforting pets. Most countries are switching to drone displays which in my opinion are amazing.
      In Florida fireworks are banned on beach area’s to protect natural conservation.
      Just as an aside all landscape equipment and motorcycles should have noise limits.