Winning the fight to be the leader of the Ontario Liberals was the easy part for Bonnie Crombie

By Pepper Parr

March 18th, 2024



Bonnie Crombie has yet to say where she will run for a seat in the provincial Legislature. She is reported to be very close to making a decision – the numbers at this point would be very tough for Crombie to win the Milton seat – what she cannot afford is a loss or even a close win.

Expect Bonnie Crombie to take a pass on running for the Milton seat in the Legislature – risk is far too high.

Watch for her to take a pass on Milton – and somehow put a positive spin on that decision.

Crombie has taken a strong position on Climate Change and announced that “a carbon tax will not be part of my plan.”

In announcing that decision Crombie was almost giddy saying: “Climate change is the biggest threat to our province and to the health and safety of future generations. Yet this Conservative government has taken us backwards. They have no plan to fight climate change, and have made things even worse.

Looking for a seat that she can win and win big. Taking a pass on Milton is an option.

“I’m thrilled to share that we have put together a Climate Action Panel, which will be led by Mary-Margaret McMahon, our fantastic caucus critic for the Environment and Climate Change.

“This expert panel will lead our consultations and form our climate action plan, as part of Ontario Liberals’ grassroots policy process, and our upcoming thinkers’ conference.”

Crombie wants aggressive action to build up transit; invest in electric vehicle infrastructure; reform land-use planning to build livable, walkable communities; to protect our water and nature; to green our energy grid; support our farmers; and, most importantly, to find ways to help families save money by helping all our households become more energy efficient.

Winning the fight to be the leader of the Ontario Liberals was the easy part.


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