With $21 million in the bank the city explains what they will do with those dollars

By Staff

January 15th, 2024



City responds to the $21 million the Government of Canada provided to encourage more affordable homes for Burlington, built faster.

Local and federal politicians take part in $21 million funding announcement.

Representing the city at the announcement event were: the Honourable Minister Karina Gould, MP for Oakville North – Burlington Pam Damoff, Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and Deputy Mayor of Housing, Burlington Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte.

The funding is through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)’s Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF). HAF is an application-based program that provides funding directly to municipalities across the country to incentivize and support initiatives that will accelerate the supply of housing.

Action Plan for this investment in Burlington

These funds will support the implementation of some of the key actions in the City’s Housing Strategy, including expanding housing opportunities for Burlington residents by cutting red tape and implementing updated zoning.

As Burlington continues to grow, this significant investment will support the development of complete, low-carbon, and climate-resilient communities that are affordable, inclusive, equitable and diverse.

The City’s HAF Action Plan includes seven initiatives:

      1. Streamlining planning and building approval process.
      2. Implementing Major Transit Station Areas and Community Planning Permit System.
      3. Support and encourage the creation of additional residential units and consider opportunities to increase as of right permissions. Burlington is proposing four units as of right and a no parking minimum pilot within a specific geographic area.
      4. Identify opportunities to incentivize the creation of rental and non-market housing.
      5. Build community and partner capacity by creating a Housing Connections Centre.
      6. Public lands and partnerships.

One of the City’s proposed projects focuses around Major Transit Station Areas (MTSAs) and the development of a new tool, the Community Planning Permit System (CPPS). This will allow for quicker approvals on high-density developments without the need for re-zoning.

Housing Connections Centre

Another key initiative to support this Action Plan is the Housing Connections Centre. This centre will provide residents and developers resources like:

      • standard unit designs
      • ways to connect with partners,
      • access to incentives, and
      • information about
        • the benefits of diverse neighbourhoods and
        • how creating new housing can provide options for all Burlington residents.
  • The Housing Accelerator Fund helps cut red tape and fast track at least 100,000 new homes for people in towns, cities, and Indigenous communities across the country. It asks for innovative action plans from local governments, and once approved, provides upfront funding to ensure the timely building of new homes, as well as additional funds upon delivering results. Every agreement under the Housing Accelerator Fund will require municipalities to end exclusionary zoning and encourage apartment building around public transit in order to help seniors, students, and families. Local governments are encouraged to think big and be bold in their approaches, which could include accelerating project timelines, allowing increased housing density, and encouraging affordable housing units.
  • Burlington’s Housing Strategy was approved by Council in June 2022. This strategy creates a road map and acts as a guiding document for housing needs in the City of Burlington. It will help the City to work towards meeting the housing needs of the community and move us closer to reaching our Vision for housing in Burlington.
  • In October, 2023, Burlington City Council unanimously approved a motion to declare its intention to allow four residential units per lot. The motion builds on the City’s recent update to the Additional Residential Unit policies of the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw to permit up to three residential units per urban residential lot which was approved by Council in September 2023. The motion also supported the City’s application to the Housing Accelerator Fund.


Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward:  “This is a huge investment in building more homes, and especially more affordable homes, for our growing city. We can only do this with partnerships with all levels of government and the building industry. Together, we’re creating the Burlington of the future – a thriving community where everyone has access to a home they can afford. The funding will help us begin implementing some of the key actions identified in our City’s Housing Strategy. This is key to making sure we remain one of the most livable cities in Canada.”

Burlington Deputy Mayor of Housing, Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte.

Burlington Deputy Mayor of Housing, Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte: “The Housing Accelerator Fund is a tremendous opportunity for the City to begin to implement key actions identified in the City’s Housing Strategy. This funding is a testament to the contributions from the community and development partners who worked together to create a robust Housing Strategy to work toward our vision for housing: “Everyone is welcome in Burlington”. This program will drive systemic change and create the conditions needed to increase housing supply and affordability over both the short and long term.”

Executive Director of Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility, Brynn Nheiley.

Executive Director of Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility, Brynn Nheiley: “The Housing Accelerator Fund will allow us to focus on further streamlining our planning and building permit approvals process; implement the MTSA program; update our Zoning Bylaw and consider incentives for certain types of development. Under this funding, the City’s Action Plan includes a mix of initiatives that will result in some immediate increases in housing supply. Other projects will support improvements to the broader housing system and will take us into the future of housing in Burlington.”

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4 comments to With $21 million in the bank the city explains what they will do with those dollars

  • Michael Hribljan

    I would suggest sending the money back and not place the debt servicing on future generations.

    We all know this is borrowed money with the intent to buy votes with liberal polling numbers spiraling downward.

    None of the 6 action plan items require that kind of money, not to mention there is no accountability tied to results – its simply government word salad.

    The solution is simple, reduce immigration to reasonable levels tied to logical metrics and stop running deficits which fuel inflation.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Exactly how is $4,200 on a $500,000 house spread over 10 years a meaningfull investment when inflation at 3% will gobble up most of the benefit. This is nothing more than an attempt at vote getting for the next election.

  • Adam

    Not sure why any of these things require $21m?? “Updating zoning” “identify opportunities” what a waste of money.

  • Grahame

    Does this mean hiring more people?