With the confusion and chaos a gap year for students sounds like a good idea. Check it out.

By Pepper Parr

November 17th, 2022



The private sector does know how to spot an opportunity and make the best of it.

Students are having a very difficult time of it in Ontario.

The inability of the provincial government to settle with the educational workers has parents wondering just what they are going to do next week.

The violent events at some high schools is a direct result of young people who are unable to cope with the changes that are before them.

The issues are significant for parents – profound for students.

Discover Year, an organization with a certified Canadian post-secondary program is hosting an online presentation in four locations, one of which is in Burlington

Their annual Open House experience puts a focus on the needs of students, parents and educators from across Canada and the United States — during a uniquely challenging time.”

The Burlington OPEN HOUSE will take place at the Halton Industry Education Council-Career Centre located at 5230 South Service Road, Burlington, ON

Arielle Gatotos,  a Burklington resident who took part in a Discovery Year will be attending and presenting at the event. Arielle was born and raised in Burlington and graduated from the Discover Year program in 2020. She is now a Discover Year Ambassador and attending the University of Ottawa for communications studies.

Discover Year supports young adults to gain the life skills and experience needed to thrive in school, work and beyond, through structured and meaningful gap year programming that includes: workshops, mentorship, service initiatives, work terms and travel.

Some of the literature on the Discover Year is not as complete as it could be. There is an OPEN HOUSE taking place in Burlington

“The past two years have had a significant impact on young adults, many of whom have lost critical connections, opportunities, skills, and experiences,” adds Gosselin. “As a result, the option of a structured gap year to help students recapture dormant skills, ease the transition between high school and post-secondary studies, and prepare for their future careers — is vital.”

Discover Year has held Open House events that welcomed students, parents and educators from across Canada and internationally during its Fall Open House.

During the 2022 Fall Open House, attendees will be able to meet and learn from current Discover Year students, mentors, parents, staff, and alumni, through small-group discussions, networking opportunities and presentations — both in-person and virtually.

Applications for admission to Discover Year’s 2023-24 program will begin following the Fall Open House.

Discover Year is a one-year life skills program that helps young adults better understand what they want in life and build the skills they need to go out and get it. Through essential skills workshops, work terms, travel, mentor-ship, and community service, our students build stronger self-awareness, confidence, communication skills and resilience to thrive in whatever education or career path they take.

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1 comment to With the confusion and chaos a gap year for students sounds like a good idea. Check it out.

  • Anne-Marie Tywonek

    Thanks for posting this information. This can definitely afford an opportunity to some students who would otherwise remain adrift. I have some families in mind that would be interested in knowing about this! Cheers 🙂