'Yes I do fear retribution'.

By Pepper Parr

November 14th, 2023



Some follow up on that professional who had concerns with what wasn’t being talked about during the Mayor’s Telephone Call in..

“Yes I do fear retribution….although I tend not to work in Burlington these days as its “painful” working with any department and property investors know that.

“I believe the mantra at city hall is “how can we put up a block wall for this person’s request”  or “ how can I reject this proposal so I can work as little as possible”

“Definitely not public service.

“Also the Mayors “Red tape red carpet” has been an utter failure….its 10 years old and it has fizzled.”

These are comments from a respected professional – not a person who would describe as a complainer.

There is something going on out there.  Don’t expect anyone to do any rooting any of this out.  The City Manager is moving on and it will be months before whoever the city hires is in a position to do anything.

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Difficult situation.

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