You can now pay for TTC service with a debit card

By Staff

April 10th, 2023



At a press conference Thursday morning, municipal, provincial and transit officials introduced open payment to the TTC that will make riding public transit easier for those going into the city from Toronto and using public transit

Tap with a debit card on the TTC.

They hope this service improvement will bring back some of the riders that have failed to return to

TTC ridership is at 70 per cent of pre-COVID levels leaving  a $366-million hole in its operating budget this year.

Riders on other transit systems across the GTA have been able to pay their fares by tapping a credit card since August 2022;  debit payment was introduced in May.

Bringing open payment to the TTC — North America’s third-largest transit system — took longer because it required a “hardware refresh” for nearly 9,000 devices.

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