Zellers Launches Nation-wide Poll to Bring Back Canada’s Favourite Zellers Diner Delicacies for Food Truck Experience

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January 28th, 2023



Food Trucks Will Appear for Throwback Event, Then Hit the Open Road

The Zellers sign comes off the store in the Burlington Mall. The brand will re-appear as in-store operation inside the Hudsons Bay locations

Zellers has convinced themselves that Canadians are craving a taste of nostalgia and they plan to dish it out.

As the country gets ready to reunite with the Zellers experience within select Hudson’s Bay stores, the retailer has heard loud and clear the call for the restaurant return!

Although an in-store diner just isn’t possible in a 10,000 sq ft footprint, Zellers is mobilizing a fleet of food trucks to greet customers at its first locations opening this spring. Set to appear
over a series of days, the Zellers Diner on wheels will pull into various locations and serve shoppers with some fan favourites from the fondly remembered Zellers Family Restaurant. And while Zellers is tuning the engines and pumping the tires, Canadians have been tasked with building the menu.

Starting today, Zellers has launched an Instagram poll @zellersofficial listing 10 menu items; 9
from the original restaurant (adding one new veggie option for good measure).

For one week, people can weigh in on their favourites and the top five will make the cut. Following the initial stops at the store locations – and if customers embrace the comeback – the Zellers Diner on wheels will gear up to head out for its cross-Canada debut. Tour dates and locations to be shared at a later date. And of course, with the launch of Zellers.ca, customers from coast to coast will have access to the Zellers experience from day one.

Now Polling: The Zellers Diner Menu Items

1. Big Z Burger
2. Fries and Gravy
3. Hot Chicken Sandwich
4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
5. Onion Rings
6. Quesadilla
7. Poutine
8. Hot Dog
9. Chicken Fingers
10. Veggie Burger

Visit @zellersofficial and let your taste buds do the talking.

Food Trucks have proven quite popular in Burlington. Hudsons Bay and its brand Zellers hope to make some marketing mileage out of the nostalgia.

Now a Hudsons Bay brand, Zellers holds a special place in Canada’s maple leaf-shaped heart. And now, with a brand spankin’ new zellers.ca website and 25 locations (to start!) within
Hudson’s Bay stores across the country, customers can expect a helpful, playful shopping experience packed full of low prices day in, day out. With a core focus on design and value – and
a hint of the nostalgia that Canadians know and love – Zellers is gearing up to become the new go-to, from lifestyle to home and almost everything in between.

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