Zoom call that got hacked managed to preserve much of the data - Mayor Meed Ward showed just how strong a grip she has on the Millcroft issue

By Staff

October 12th, 2022



There was a virtual meeting that took place on October 4th that got hacked and ended very suddenly.

The police are investigating.

Fortunately, much of the broadcast was saved and has been made public.

Screen shot of the Zoom call that took place – it was hacked before it ended.

It is lengthy – fascinating if you care about this kind of thing and the people in Millcroft certainly do.

What is really interesting is how Mayor Meed Ward acquitted herself

Councillors Bentivegna and Nisan were on the call;  Bentivegna asked questions and gave long answers, some of which did more harm than good.

The Mayor did a superb job – she understood the issues and was able to give solid answers and make the complex much less complex.

The Gazette has its issues with much of what this Mayor does but on the Millcroft file she has it down pat.

Credit to her for taking on the task.

If you can’t find something you like on Netflix – give this an hour of your time.  Well worth it.  Click HERE for the link

In the announcement from MAD: “For those who were unable to attend the October 4 meeting with MAD and the City of Burlington, we include herein a video of the meeting. Regional Chair Gary Carr, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward, and Councillors Angelo Bentivegna and Rory Nisan fielded questions about the application and its status. MAD also spoke about its plan to oppose the application at the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Due to an unanticipated interruption, many questions went unanswered. Such questions will be answered in a subsequent recording, which MAD will release.

MAD is officially launching its fundraising campaign, requiring approximately $150,000 for lawyers, planners, and experts. Please give generously to help us maintain the golf course as open space.


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