1908 traffic offences – all in school safety zones; police chief shakes his head in disbelief.

September 16, 2013

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  Halton’s Chief of police must have shaken his head several times this morning when he signed off on the report that stated there were more than 1900 charges laid during  Project Safe Start, the police initiative to make streets close to Regional schools safe.

Police laid over 1900 charges including:

 Speeding 1152

Seatbelts 142

Stop Signs 158

Other  456 (including at least 28 Distracted Driving charges)

Signs are pretty clear. Police still nabbed 1152  speeders during an All Hands on Deck which has the Chief of Police out writing up tickets. The two officers shown here were kept busy.

While the project has come to an end the need to be vigilant when driving near schools is always necessary.  Take extra care in and around School Zones and Community Safety Zones.

Halton Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner talks with Sgt Davies, the man who heads up the accident reconstruction unit. The two of them would really like to see fewer accidents.

 During the enforcement phase, several suspended drivers were taken off the road, two commercial vehicles taken out of service for severe mechanical defects and at least one person was charged with Stunt Driving.  Keep in mind that all of these charges occurred within School Zones and Community Safety Zones!

Vigilance and due care and attention should always be paramount when driving; not just when police hold special campaigns such as Project Safe Start.  Enforcement officers will still be out 24/7 keeping an eye on our roads to ensure safe travel for all.

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