5 Canadian Side Hustles - Worth Looking Into

By Eszter Ivan

August 4th, 2022



Looking for the next money-making side hustle you can utilize while in Canada? Look no further, in today’s article are going over the top 5 Canadian side hustles you should consider today!

The ultimate side hustles in Canada that can amount to up to $22 an hour.

Food Delivery
Food delivery has become one of the ultimate side hustles in Canada that can amount to up to $22 an hour. That’s pretty good considering in the best Canadian cities you can even complete deliveries with just a bicycle.

Although quite the physical task to do on a bike it’s the best way to maximize profits. Motorbikes are the second best alternative but will require fuel costs and a licence apart from an actual motorcycle. Besides that, the next alternative would be to do it by car but this has its own problems like getting stuck in traffic and parking issues.

Overall food delivery services are quite easy to get started, sign up with companies such as Uber eats and boom you’re pretty much ready to go after acceptance. Plus you get to work your own hours with such companies and basically, you’re your own boss.

Professional Gambler
Although this sounds like more of a gamble than a hustle, gambling can actually be a fun way to make a quick buck. Today finding an online casino in Canada is quite simple, making a profit is the hard part.

Many have heard the phrase the house always wins, but what if you’re not playing against the house? Games like poker do not involve the house in any of the gaming done except for the dealer and cards provided.

Poker is a game played against other players on the table, finding a live online casino table can also mean having a real-life dealer handle the cards instead of RNG.

A lot of “intellectual” politicians will argue that art produces no monetary value, while at the same time purchasing pieces of art for almost stupid prices in packed rooms at Art Galleries.

Poppies stained glass piece highlights the red leaves on the tree outside the studio.

Art has always been thrown down the well when it comes to money talks and has always been tough to monetize. Since art is based on taste, what looks great to me and inspires millions of others can look horrid and dissatisfying to look at.

Thankfully today artists no longer require the use of Art galleries to get famous, although art galleries will still hold massive importance in the art communities today many artists can create digital art and sell it for a profit online.

Not much to be said in this chapter, just like physical art, photography has long been thrown under the bus. Thankfully today in the digital era where content and marketing are essential the need for photographs has risen drastically.

Thankfully today many companies also pay a pretty penny for photos that can be used on wallpapers and other home decors.

Leaf raking and yard clean up is a repeat business that is assured by great customer service

Landscaping in Canada is a huge untapped market. Although typically done by the younger generation with little investment this side hustle can turn into a full-on business. The job will usually entail mowing grass lawns and cleaning up the trees and bushes found outside the home. In Canada, landscaping service needs spike up during winter times due to snow and the need for snow to be ploughed!

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