8000 people picked up trash during Earth Week; 300 trees planted; 200 people jammed themselves into city hall for the wrap up.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON   April 21, 2012   The weather was great for the first part of the 2012 BurlingtonGreen CleanUp GreenUp campaign week but a chilly Saturday morning cut down on the number of people who turned out for the wrap up and get together that has traditionally ended this event.

8000 people picked up trash, 300 trees were planted - Burlington gave the planet a hug.

More than 300 hamburgers were served at city hall  – so there were certainly hungry people who gathered in the city hall atrium to mingle and chat with friends and listen attentively to the draw numbers that were called out by Regional Chair Gary Carr.

Ken Woodruff spokesperson for BurlingtonGreen,  reported that some 8,000 people took part in the event this year.  The 300 trees got planted out at LaSalle Park where the BurlingtonGreen Youth Network organized the planting.

The event was part of the annual Earth Day that is celebrated around the world.  Does the event make any difference?  Are we any more environmentally conscious than we were ten years ago or is climate change still seen as something the “tree huggers” made up.

The first national Earth Day was held in 1970 and went international in 1990 .   Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.  Burlington has been one of those communities for some time.

Climate change deniers, well-funded oil lobbyists, reticent politicians, a disinterested public, and a divided environmental community all contributed to a strong narrative that overshadowed the cause of progress and change. In spite of the challenges Earth Day has continued as a powerful focal point around which people could demonstrate their commitment.

The fight for a clean environment continues in a climate of increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become more manifest every day. If you missed Earth Day this year – there will be one next year when you can discover energy you didn’t even know you had. Feel it rumble through the grassroots under your feet and the technology at your fingertips. Channel it into building a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations to come.

This is our planet and we are expected to leave it in better shape than we got it for the use of our children and grandchildren.

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