A 75th anniversary commemorative piece of music for the Burlington Teen Tour Band - you can help

By Staff

July 15th, 2022



Burlington Resident wants to give Burlington Teen Tour Band a Musical Gift

Lawson Hunter, a long time Burlington resident, is proud about a lot of things that make his city a great place to live, work, and enjoy life. One of the things that fosters that pride is the Burlington Teen Tour Band (BTTB), now celebrating its 75th Anniversary.

The Burlington Teen Tour Band took over the FAmily Room of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre the day the city turned the building over to the community.

In discussions with BTTB Managing Director, Rob Bennett,  Hunter learned that the Band had no official piece of music to commemorate the anniversary.  Bennett explained that years ago, to celebrate an earlier anniversary, a special piece of band music was commissioned to mark the occasion.   Why not have one for the 75th Hunter thought.

Ryan Meeboer, publishes his compositions through Eighth Note and teaches with the Halton District School Board.

As circumstance would have it, Hunter had a conversation with fellow Burlington resident Ryan Meeboer, a musical educator and a professional composer of music.  Meeboer’s compositions are used by concert bands of all different levels of skill and band sizes (small jazz groups, ensembles, big bands).  In fact, Meeboer has even worked with the Burlington Teen Tour Band.

The idea struck Hunter that Ryan Meeboer, who publishes his compositions through Eighth Note Publications, could write a piece to commemorate the BTTB’s 75th anniversary.  The challenge is the cost of commissioning a complex score (with dozens of different instruments), royalties, fees, publishing and printing of charts.

“I thought the solution would be to initiate a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds,” Hunter states.  Kickstarter.com has raised money for thousands of campaigns to help ‘kickstart’ artistic projects.  Potential donors register, post a donation, but only pay if the campaign reaches it’s target goal.  “It’s an all-or-nothing style of raising funds for a good cause,” explains Hunter.

The Kickstarter campaign has just begun.  Supporters are encouraged to pledge any amount.  Deadline for completion is September 7th, in time to have the piece written, rehearsed, and performed before the end of the year.  Any funds pledged above the target goal will go towards operational costs for the Burlington Teen Tour Band.

The Burlington Teen Tour Band the day it entered the Performing Arts Centre which became its official home

The Burlington Teen Tour Band has represented the city of Burlington, and its residents, throughout the world over the years –  Expo ‘67, Japan, D-Day ceremonies in France, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbour, and even the Tournament of Roses (Rose Bowl Parade).  Hunter feels it’s time to give something back to the Band.

Title of the Kickstarter project: Burlington Teen Tour Band 75th Anniversary Composition Target – Goal to be Raised: $3,000 (including fees charged by Kickstarter.com) Deadline for campaign: September 7, 2022

Click  Kickstarter  for the link.

Lawson Hunter has no affiliation with the Burlington Teen Tour Band, his involvement is purely as a resident of Burlington.  Does this suggest he has a generous frame of mind but  tin ear?


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2 comments to A 75th anniversary commemorative piece of music for the Burlington Teen Tour Band – you can help

  • Don Fletcher

    Whoa1 What a great idea.
    We in Burlington are blessed with great geography (i.e. lake/ escarpment/ farm land/ proximity to TO or USA) but the Burlington Teen Tour Band comes in at a close 2nd in my mind. I hope many others in our community will generously support this initiative.

  • Thank you Hunter for this terrific idea. Something anyone who has heard this band play would agree is a shiver up the spine experience. I, Anne, am not taking donations for my Mayor of Burlington campaign, now official, and would encourage anyone who may, if I had asked for a donation given me one to instead make a donation to this project and see how proud you feel when that piece finally comes together and you know you had a part in it. I will be 77 in September and had no idea the Teen Tour Band was birthed almost at the same time as I was. Is there a drop off place for donations for those who do not have access to the link?