A parade -what a great way to let the city look at itself

By Denis Gibbons

June 20TH, 2022



Mayor struts in the parade

Faraway fields look green for some Burlingtonians who fork out their hard-earned cash to travel to Caribbean destinations for a holiday.

They’re leaving a venue just as beautiful right under their noses.

Breezes at the Spencer Smith Park waterfront Saturday rivaled the West Indies as bright sunshine created a marvelous vista for the Sound of Music Festival.

Spectators filled the stands on Brant St. in front of city hall.

Some parents brought their children to the tiny beach. Yes, that’s right – a beach right at the foot of the city’s main street. How many towns and cities envy that ?

Boats even conveyed passengers over from Hamilton through the Burlington Canal to enjoy the festival.

On Saturday morning the Burlington Teen Tour Band and Top Hat Marching Orchestra led the Grand Festival Parade, with Mayor Marianne Meed Ward dancing along the way. The mayor walked the entire route, rather than riding in a car.

Bringing up the rear was the massive Burlington Teen Tour Alumni Band, which got the loudest applause of all. It was fascinating to see musicians who marched as teens 40 years ago still able to play their instruments and keeping up to the beat of the drums

The Burlington Teen Tour Band


Some fans listened to the music from their boats out in the lake. They were short far too many life jackets.


The British are back!


Gymnasts performed in front of Scrivener’s on Brant Street. Above the BTTB Alumni

The Naval Promenade was packed on a sunny Saturday afternoon

COGECO-TV Channel 23 and 700 HD will show a replay of the parade on Tuesday, June 21 at 2 p.m.

There could be other replays as well. Viewers should check COGECO listings on the web.

All photos by DENIS GIBBONS


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2 comments to A parade -what a great way to let the city look at itself

  • Wendy

    First concert band performance since covid for BTTB, City of Burlington Ambassadors, where was the Mayor ?? I would have expected her to introduce the BTTB ?? Instead The Rocca Sisters did, thank you to them but come on !!! I heard quite few people in the crowd commenting on the absent Mayor

    Editor’s note: Mayor was attending the graduation of her daughter at Western.

  • Wendy

    so proud to have marched once again with the BTTB Alumni for our 75th Anniversary of the BTTB. It’s amazing how we all could remember our twirling routines and the musicians remembered their songs. When that “street beat” rolls, we ALL go into action !! So much fun, thanks to all who put countless hours into the planning and execution of this weekend.