A surplus of $700 keeps Community Development Halton alive.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  September 19, 2012  Community Development Halton held their annual general meeting last night and it was much more pleasant than the meeting they held last year when their funding from the Region was seriously challenged.  The community got behind the CDH people, the funding was kept in place, albeit with a little jiggling and shuffling on the part of the reason.

Nina Truscott, president of the non-profit corporation, whisked the audience through the AGM part of the evening in very short order.  The organization bid farewell to Angus Coll-Smith and Penny Smith who have completed their term of office.

Joey Edwardh talking to the Gooding’s after the Community Development Halton annual general meeting.

Surprisingly, the Executive Director, Joey Edwardh,  did not make any “state of the nation” comments.

Truscott informed the audience that the CDH was alive financially and at the same time recognized a very generous anonymous donation during the past two years.

Community Development Halton is funded by the Region to the tune of $244,500 from the Region for the 2012 fiscal year.  Funds are received from the Burlington/Hamilton United Way as well as the Oakville United Way. Total revenue for CDH is $802,745 with expenses coming in at $802,021 – slim but that’s the financial reality of the not for profit community.  No fat in this operation.

Where CDH excels is in project administration and the data they collect on changes in the socio-economic makeup of the Region.

Angus Coll-Smith retires from the Community development Halton board after completing his term of office.

There are two research associates that collect, analyze and put data in formats that make the information useful to the user.   Burlington uses their data as does the Region.  Our Burlington has been fortunate enough to be able to use some of the CDH data to explain a point we try to make.

Penny Smith, after completing her term of office, retires from the Community Development Board

CDH sources funds from different government agencies to carry out a project and the research needed.   Volunteer Halton is part of their operation – it’s the place to go if you want to volunteer as well as the place to go if you are looking for volunteers.

Retired people tend to want to remain active and look for ways to volunteer in the community – with the aging population in the Region growing the Volunteers arm of CDH should be kept busy.

The evening ended with a presentation by the Burlington Theatre Centre and the Tottering Biped Theatre.


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