A third candidate for the provincial Liberal nomination

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 27th, 2021



grebenc twitterAnother one!

Andrea Grebenc, the Chair of the Halton District School announced today that she too will seek the provincial Liberal nomination.

Lisa Kearns, ward 2 city councillor, Miriam Manaa and now Grebenc are in the race

More on Grebenc later this week.


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7 comments to A third candidate for the provincial Liberal nomination

  • Sharon

    The only qualification that Andréa Grebenc has is knowing how to waste taxpayer dollars, She showed Burlington this politician qualification when she voted to close Lester B Pearson and Robert Bateman High Schools.

  • Penny Hersh

    Blair, yes I see that Lisa has stepped away. For someone who was “out of the gate” before anyone and promising to “be able to do more for Burlington at the Provincial level” I have to question her commitment to anything political.

    Certainly her desire to run for the nomination of the Ontario Liberal Party is an indication that her commitment to the residents of ward 2 is in question.

    What happens “to the colleague” she was mentoring to run for ward 2 in the next municipal election? Does this person step back into the shadows?

    As a Ward 2 Resident I would like a councillor who wanted to be on our council and not one that it seems can’t wait to move on.

    I do feel that the 2 other candidates running for the nomination are too inexperienced for the job.

  • Penny Hersh

    Blair, I agree that we need change. I just don’t feel that any of these 3 have the experience to represent the residents of Burlington at this point of time.

    • Blair Smith

      Hi Penny – well, we’re apparently down to two. Tanner has tweeted that multiple sources confirm that Lisa Kearns is withdrawing from the race. The collateral affects of that should be highly interesting (and entertaining).

  • perryb

    How does anyone ‘qualify’? You have to be willing to be a trained seal (pop-up vote when ordered) in the hopes you may eventually be in a position to make a difference.

  • Penny Hersh

    I have to ask the question? Are any of these 3 really qualified to hold a seat at the Provincial level?

    This position should not be “learn as you go”.

    • Blair Smith

      Penny – I beg to differ. I believe that any one of these ladies would provide us with far superior and committed representation than that which we currently “enjoy”. Ms. McKenna has been in the chair for a time and has, imo, failed to learn either ‘on the job’ or ‘as she goes’ or in any other way. Time for a change – high time I think.