Action in the northern part of the city over the Air Park shenanigans. Road accesss suspensions might be invoked.

This entire project crept up, much like the frog that is immersed in a pot of water that is slowly raised in temperature, it only becomes a problem when it is too late.

I was not aware of the destructive, negative impact of this project myself until I witnessed first-hand and up close the true destructive part of this.

 The few local residents directly affected were raising concerns but like a voice in the wilderness were not heard. The residents directly affected had become frustrated, close to the brink of mental anxiety, and no longer knew  which direction to turn. Does a tree falling in the bush make a sound if nobody is there? Politically, apparently it doesn’t?

What is city hall going to do for these people?  Mayor Goldring will be speaking with Minister Raitt – the Halton MP.  Burlington’s own MP, Marvellous Mike Wallace, appears to have fallen off the radar screen on this one.

At City Hall, the Engineering Department will review the Site Alteration By-law with the intent of revising/updating it before the end of this year.  Now if they were to make it retroactive …

Don’t mess with city hall.

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2 comments to Action in the northern part of the city over the Air Park shenanigans. Road accesss suspensions might be invoked.

  • Alidë Camilleri

    The airport is not only affecting the lives of the residents along Appleby Line, but also those living on No. 2 and No.4 Sideroads. We have all complained to the city, and the Ward 6 council reps, past and present, without any results. Ms Lancaster used the corn roasts for pure publicity among residents south of Dundas as she announced the roasts at the airport at meetings to her constituents in that area, but never advised those actually affected by the airport. I am not stating anything here that I have not told her myself. I am certain that the City, Region, and Halton Conservation can do more than they have done so far, but the will to do so appears to be lacking.

    • stephanie cooper-smyth

      I just watched the video of last nite’s Council meeting, in which Barbara Sheldon (again and accurately) nailed Councilor Lancaster for her obvious loyalty to the Airpark owner and not to the Constituents who actually live in her Ward.

      Ward 6 DEFINITELY needs a new Councilor.