Alert residents see suspicious behavior and call police; two Toronto types don’t drive home.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  June 16, 2012   It is watchful citizens that catch the criminals..

There was a series of daytime house break in in the Francis Road community.  Word got out – Our Burlington was a large part of getting that word out – and when a resident saw what they thought was suspicious behaviour they called police.

Here is how the police tell the story:

On June 13th at 10:00 a.m. alert citizens reported suspicious activity of two men possibly casing homes in the area of Francis Road and Marley Crescent in Burlington.  There were also some reports of these same men going door-to-door offering gardening services.

Police responded to the area and located one man seated in his parked vehicle. A second man was seen exiting from between two houses, the man ran when he spotted police.

Both men were arrested and suspected of breaking into homes. Investigation discovered that a break and enter did occur at a Francis Road home, but nothing had been taken.

The suspect had entered the unlocked home while the resident was outside doing yard work. The resident happened to return indoors and interrupted the crime in progress.

This incident is similar in pattern to other recent Burlington residential break-ins that occur while homeowners are focused on outdoor activities. Halton Regional Police Service continues to investigate a possible connection.

ACCUSED: Denis PARCZEWSKI, 26 years of Toronto;  CHARGES: Break and Enter, Possession of Burglary Tools

ACCUSED: Hubert ZMIJEWSKI, 23 years of Toronto,  CHARGES: Break and Enter, Possession of Burglary Tools

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