An illustrated look at what the election results mean -

By Staff

June 14th, 2022



Dave Meslin has been working tirelessly to “Unlock Democracy” and change the way we elect our leaders.

He champions ranked ballots and thinks that is the way the public will get the kind of representation they deserve.

First past the post keeps the small less established political parties of the House of Commons and the provincial legislatures.

There was a time when Justin Trudeau that it was an idea worth trying – then changed his mind and put Burlington’s MP Karina Gould in front of a microphone to explain what wasn’t going to happen.

And it will never happen until the public votes the New Democrats or the Green Party into office and they “might” stand behind their promises.

Politics is about power and those who have it don’t trifle with it – they hold very tightly in their hands.

Nevertheless Meslin soldiers on. He sent us two illustrations and asked that we share them.

For those who didn’t vote – you know who you are – you get to live with what Doug Ford is going to do to this province. Those two donuts are about as healthy as Crispy Cream donuts.




Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

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1 comment to An illustrated look at what the election results mean –

  • Phil Waggett

    Dave, clearly the perspective of the also-rans in this election. I’ve just finished searching in the Gazette for a similar article following last fall’s federal election but I can find one–curious? or perhaps I just missed it. Voters who turned out to vote got the result they wanted–clearly, the Libs or NDP didn’t see an overwhelming need for change in this province; and with lack lustre policies, I don’t think voters were motivated to vote for them. And quite probably, the mess that the unholy Trudeau-Singh alliance is making of Canada, I can also sense voter reluctance to trust the two opposition parties. “Untilthe public votes the NDP or Green Party into office and they might stand behind their promises”—and they MIGHT NOT–other than your political ideology, I don’t think you have any factual basis for this assertion.