Are we about to get another round of election based robo calls ?

By Pepper |Parr

September 5th, 2022



Do you remember those robo calls the last time we went to the polls municipally?

They were quite nasty and resulted in criminal complaints being made, an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police and charges laid that were for the most part dropped.

The Mayor was sued, and we believe that matter is still before the Courts – the city hall communications people don’t put out media releases on that matter.

Marianne Meed Ward accepting applause from her supporters the night she knew she was going to be sworn in as Mayor

What we do know is that the Mayor has in the recent past declared a conflict of interest when discussions, held in closed session, about just how much the legal department is spending.

We might be about to get another round of robo calls if a message sent out to the candidates is any indicator.

One candidate sent us the following:

As you are well aware, yesterday- September 1st was the first day that Voters’ Lists were made available to all municipal candidates. If you picked up your voters’ list, you would have noticed that telephone numbers were not included. This is where we can help. You can order a match and append of all phone numbers from various directories to your voters’ list.
Please inquire today on pricing for our match and append telephone directory service to the Voters’ List.

I can be reached at 416-816-0443 or via email —

One candidate asks:

City Clerk Kevin Arjoon – candidate has a question for him on the voters list.

“Is this not an inappropriate use of Voters Lists ?” The candidate goes on to say the the Clerk’s Office was asked just that question and then added: “If not answered I will be looking for an answer at the Zoom Candidates meeting September 6, 2022 at 6pm.

A meeting via Zoom for the candidates? Is the public invited? And if not – why not?

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