At one point 9% of city staff were impacted by COVID19 - it has lowered to 3%

By Pepper Parr

February 3rd, 2020


Update at 11:05 am

Council went into a Closed session on what was described as a “personal matter with a staff member related to the city’s vaccination policy.  That policy required all staff to be vaccinated.

News does dribble out of city hall.

We learned this morning that at one point there was 9% of city staff impacted by Covid19.

That number has come down to 3%.

City manager Tim Commisso

Troubling was the request from the City Manager that council go into a Closed session to discuss – well Tim Commisso actually didn’t say.

The city is still addicted to keeping secrets.


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2 comments to UPDATED: – At one point 9% of city staff were impacted by COVID19 – it has lowered to 3%

  • Dave Turner

    Addressing a matter concerning a specific employee, requires the employer, the City, to ensure the employee’s privacy is protected ? Surely the writer is familiar with privacy protection requirement. As always the writer is over eager to knock Council and Staff.

    Editor’s response:
    You missed the point. The individual involved is not my issue nor is it a public concern. What is of concern is the vaccination policy – and there is no reason in the world why this was not discussed in an open public session. And yes I am eager to knock council and staff when stuff like this happens.

    As a discerning Gazette reader I would hope that you too would want someone watching council and staff – unless of course you have an agenda of your own – perhaps?

    • Al

      It’s quite possible they were to discuss individual employees, facing termination, resigning or retiring in face the coming deadline to get vaxxed or out.